Saturday, December 31, 2011

Do you want more?

Well.. we are still at chad's families house. 

We went to Sherlock Holmes 2. It was fantastic. Highly suggest watching it. 

Also saw the newest mission impossible movie. Its not that great. 

Went to Ron's virtual world, an arcade place. Officially my 3rd time there. 

Used one roll of film for my little Diana camera. We took about 64 pictures and only 30 could be developed. There are a few pretty cool picture where they over lap each other in the same picture. Some day i'll scan them onto my computer. Also the flash broke for it so we are sending it back to replace it. 

Here is a picture of Christmas that I forgot about. There were so many presents. It was very exciting.

Also.. Rachael got this floating remote control shark for Christmas. Its verrry cool.

 And here is a random blurred winter road picture. I kind of like it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

There's been an incident.

 New blog i love.  []*

I've been seeing these little color palettes everywhere on pinterest and finally decided to look into the blog that is making them and there are sooo many that are very cool.

 I like these because i have a hard time thinking up different color groups i like together. This just makes some colors i'd never think of together look pretty. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Then one foggy Christmas eve....

Merry Christmas! I found this. I think its kind of cute. []

Also... here is my all time favorite Christmas Nativity video. Its a Reeaall good one. So watch it. 

Christmas at the Parr's was quite exciting. I also learned not to eat too much of Sandy's food at the Christmas eve party. (I woke up not to great in the morning.) Chad stayed up late filling stockings with his mother. I wanted to be surprised so I went to bed. In the morning there were tons of presents. I got some fan-tastic presents. My favorites.. a Dinana mini f+ lomography camera and a homemade blanket with robots (and a unicorn) on it. Pictures later?...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its a nice time its a swell time.

It's Christmas Eve!

In Chad's family every Christmas they get a pair of pajamas made by their mother. Chad Rachael and Kasey all got shirts that said "The Arthur Read Society" and then "Founder" on it. And then on Jeni's it said the same but with "just a member". It was pretty funny. I even got some home made pajamas! Mine have little cats on it, and then the shirt has a picture of darcy on it. Its all quite lovely.

The other day we made Oreo truffles.

and McKensie ate the chocolate.

And here is little McKensie and Duke being cute. 

Also.. as i've been meaning to post, i got new sparkly shoes. Here they are. 

I've also found this new blog that has some good recipes and home decor ideas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next time wont you sing with me.

Today Chad P and I went to a place called Cascades. Its a river near their house with little trails around it. It was fun. 

Here's a tall tree and the trail map....

My handsome husband...

 Part of the trail had some slippery stairs... we made it safely. 

 I don't have a winter jacket so im wearing chads and, im on a stump. 

And heres some winter nature. 

Standing on some ice in my little boots. 

 And finally.. chad and i. With one of us cut out like normal. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well i climbed the 7 summits and i swam the 7 seas but the road i must travel its end i cannot see

2 things from pinterest...

A nifty little cell phone holder for when its charging.

This. I've been seeing little snow globe ideas all over Pinterest and this one is my favorite. i like that its so little and there's a cork in it. 

Chad, Me, Kasey, and Jordan all went to a Christmas Carol play the other night at Fort Williams. Fort Williams is an old fort. It looked pretty cool. The play was in one of the old buildings and the "stage" was like in the middle with all the chairs lined in a big circle/rectangle shape. I really like the Chrirstmas Carol story and I thought the play was pretty good. 

Here is a google picture of what the fort looks like. We took a little bus from a visitor center and it drove us here.

Here's Jordan and i in the visitors center with a native thing...

and.. Kasey, Chad, and Jordan ready for adventure.

 And.. Chad Parr and i.

Friday, December 16, 2011

This is my man page.

We made it to Canada with the Parrs! It was pretty rainy all the way there. I guess our flight into Duluth was the first to make it there in about 2 days because of bad weather.
Canada So far...

Its was Jordan's birthday (actually it wasn't he just delayed it until we got here so chad could be there for it) and he had this fancy angry birds cake which ended up being made with glass pieces in it. So no one ate it.

 Its cooold outside. Chad played with Mckensie and Duke outside. But not for long.

Mckensie and I are becoming little buddies. I let her borrow my camera. She's quite a natural.

Jordan also took some pictures... mostly of Mckensie. Posing. I think they are cute. Thats why there are a few.

Tomorrow we are going to watch the Christmas Carol Play.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

let us bring it home then.

My family sent us a Christmas package full of lovely things! 

Chad is now an official part of the family with his remote control camera helicopter, and I have my sewing machine! We also got my favorite truffles (the best chocolate ever. ever.) Chad also got an angry birds board game which i'm excited about. Its funny because now its the only board game in our home. Also Michael and marry got us a little love quote book that has some cute pictures in it.

 Darcy also got some presents this year. She got a laser pointer, this little toy thing (which she likes the best), and some treats.

I'm just about done with this semester! About 5 more little assignments?

Chad and i went to idaho falls the other day so we could pick out my Christmas present. I picked out some clothes. Im looking forward to them.

I only have 2 more days of work until I'm off for Canada! Im looking forward to not vacuuming and taking trash out of garbage for a couple weeks.

I have lots of clothes to go through to put away and decided what to pack. Picking out clothes is difficult. I asked chad to do it for me. He wont.

Speaking of Chad. We have been married for 100 days!

Here is a list of things we have to do before we go to Canada, on Wednesday!

  • Buy more kitty food.
  • Get $50 cash for scotty
  • Let the apartment complex know scotty is our emergency number
  • Mail my families Christmas Presents
  • Mail Barbara sa her present
  • Clean apartment 
  • Give Darcy a bath

Friday, December 9, 2011

Look at me now. Im makin paper.

I'm taking a class for my minor called Money Management. I had to write a paper about the New York Stock Exchange. I looked at their website and Wikipedia'd it and just could not understand. So I decided to try Youtube to find a "how it works" video. I've done this before for an Understanding DNA class i had and some times it worked out and helped a lot. And, in this case it worked out very well. I found this cute little video about the New York Stock Exchange and was able to write my little essay about how it works.

I know its nerdy, but I suggest watching it. Its actually quite interesting and kind of funny.

Monday, December 5, 2011

You know time wont wait and you'll be late, white rabbits on the run.

I had a good feeling about DI this morning. So we went, and i found this really cool suitcase for $5. What im planning on doing is making it into a cat bed for Darcy. I first saw these on Etsy quite awhile ago and thought they were so cool. Here are some examples....

And here is the suitcase i bought. Im thinking about painting it a different color. Not sure what color yet? Maybe a blue? Maybe not paint it?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The watchmen chose the moment.

I know im being a bad blogger. I'll get better soon. Promise. 

A week and 2 days until we go to Canada! And school is over! I am hoping to get everything done this week so I won't be hurrying to finish stuff. But I make these goals every week, so we will see if this is the one time i don't put everything off till the last day. 

A couple days ago we decorated the tree, so here is that. And also a cute little picture of darcy saying hello. And picture of darcy looking crazy. And then finally a picture of darcy playing.  

And here is a picture of use trying to take a picture together. Didn't work out the best. But i am fond of it still. 

We bought my families Christmas presents the other day. Today i wrapped them all up. They will be mailed off soon. Maybe. I also bought a cute little cup shaped as a penguin for Barbara that i have to send as well. 

We've been looking at cat collars on Etsy. Found this one i like but chad doesn't like the color. 
So maybe a silver?