Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All i want to get is a little bit closer

Its been quite awhile but theres still nothing to really post about. Only 5 more days until i stop working! and then a few more after that until we leave for our big move to Minnesota. I am incredibly excited. I also can not wait to spend the month of August in thunder bay with chaddys family not working. 

Kitty was being a super cutie today rolling around and laying on her back. 

 I sold two things on etsy!! totally unexpected. And like a week ago?... i made these and put them on etsy. I personally love them. And i would keep them for myself. Which i think i will have to do since they wont sell before we move : )

This is a bunch of stuff we are not keeping. And, i spy a cat on a pillow.

And heres chad lounging in luxury.