Sunday, December 20, 2015

There has been an awakening

Here are just some cute pictures of oliver and chad and darcy.

More reading with dad

Morning tv with darcy

We also just made a trip to Duluth where we met up with chads family to watch Star Wars, see Bentlyville, and have kasey get engaged! Star Wars was great, Bentlyville was freezing, and
Im super excited for kasey and andre!

Got a feeling that Im going under

Now here is a moving in post. I was sad I didn't take any pictures of the moving van or goodbye storage locker moments.... but at least the storage locker in Virginia will always have a special little place in my heart.

So our new home is a three bedroom, wood floors, small balcony, almost 2 car attached/detached garage (to the building but not our apartment), one bathroom with laundry, second floor kind of apartment. I love the look of wood floors, but its pretty cold in the mornings it makes me rethink my love for them a bit. The living room area is very bright though, which it huge. Our last apartment was really dark and taking pictures was always awful. I really really really want a dinning room table. Right now we just have a big empty area where one should be. This is pretty much exactly the kind of table i'm looking for.....

I checked a couple thrift stores while we still had the uhaul but didn't even see a single table that day. So now I am just waiting till i find that perfect one and we will have a rent a truck or something. 

But besides the table, things have been coming along slowly but good. Here is the living room making progress.. 

(see how bright it is!) I also got a lamp from Ikea that we hung from the ceiling in the middle of the living room because it is one of those silly rooms that only has one light and its on the other side of the room.....and this lamp wasn't just any lamp. I picked it out over a year ago when we were moving from Minneapolis and I just wanted to wait to decide if I wanted black and copper or white and copper. And here we are one year later with white and copper and I still love it. A lot. 

And I was also reunited with my little hutch which I have missed a lot. Pretty much every piece of furniture and frame I own needs to be touched up with paint though. Moving really hurts your things 

And thats about it for now. 

Hello from the Other side.

So we have moved into our new apartment and are really happy with it. Minus a couple things. Like super loud upstairs neighbors, a front door buzzer that doesn't work, and no internet until today! But besides those things its been good. So I need to catch up on some old posts and new posts.

To start here is an old post with some pictures from before we left Tbay... Oliver being a cutie and Rachels tea party birthday....

I really loved her tea party birthday. Everything Becky did was adorable. And after, Rachel had a very nice little set of tea cups to drink a variety of juices and hot chocolate with. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We be winning like the pot got hot.

So I haven't posted in a long time...  So here's a little update on Oliver...

He is 1 year and 2 months.
He looooves to to dance and listen to music
Can throw things in the garbage when told.
Loves brushing his teeth, drink juice, doing the dishes, and watching sesame street or nursery rhyme youtube videos.
Goes to bed around 8:30pm-9. But sometimes even closer to 10.
Wakes up at 7am but occasionally 8.
Loves to go on car rides to pick up Jordan from Seminary in the morning.
Takes one or two naps a day.
Knows where his head, belly button, and toes are.
Started babbling just the other day, its adorable.

Here he is with his juice and tv.... Yes, I know juice and tv are bad for babies. 

 Helping out in the kitchen.

Brushing his teeth....

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Needle and a thread got to get you out of my head.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and we all went out to Ouimet Canyon for a little walk and it was beautiful. It was like the perfect time to go out since all the leaves are changing and... yeah.. its fall so of course its beautiful. We also ended up going to the largest suspension bridge in Canada. I wasn't sure I could do it since I'm really bad with heights when your not strapped in or on to anything but I ended up being perfectly fine and really enjoyed it. Oliver did pretty good too. We had him in the carrier for most of the time and ended up falling asleep right before we got back into the car. He's cute.

Oliver taking a break.

 Chad being a baddy with his toes over the edge.

Jordan, Rachel, and Becky down below.

And here is a timelaps video of us crossing the shorter bridge.  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Elmo's got the moves

It's fall and it's beautiful outside. We went out and took some cutesy pictures of oliver, you can see all of them on my photography blog

Also this past week chad and I went down to Minneapolis for a job interview for chad! We decided it was a good time to try going on our first trip without oliver. It was pretty fun to sleep in, nap in the car, go to a movie, and go from store to store not worrying about anything. And of course oliver did pretty good without us, and we were all very excited to see each other again! And now we are just waiting to hear back from chad's job.... 

 Rachel in the garden looking all classy.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Needle and a thread gotta get you out of my head.

I was looking through some old pictures and of course they are filled with pictures of little Oliver, and I had to share! These are when he was little over one month old. I just love him.... 

Look at how tiny he is!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm missing the sound of your heart beating.

This is the Birthday post! Chad and oliver had their birthdays. Chad is 27. Oliver is 1. Here is chads birthday, he had a racing theme. 


Even Patrick Dempsey showed up...

 And here is Oliver's birthday.. It was yellow and blue dinosaur themed.

  I did a smash cake and he didn't quite get the idea...  so we tried giving him a spoon and seeing if that helped... and it did a little.. but he was still cute.

And I just love this picture because oliver is ridiculous. He was trying to lean really far back in his little chair..

And after oliver didn't eat his cake very well jordan took on the job of "smashing" it.