Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pauses then says, You're my best friend.

Well its been a good couple weeks! Oliver is two and a half months, we flew down to texas to see my family for a week  and Oliver had his baby blessing. 

Today is Thanksgiving morning and I am typing this in a hotel in Minneapolis with a wiggly baby who thinks its time we wake up. We drove to Minneapolis yesterday for Olivers two month checkup and shots. He did not like the shots. But the traumatic event must have worn him out because he fell asleep a couple minutes later! 

A few things about Oliver......
Big old Oliver is now 16 lbs and a little more then 25 inches long
He loves sucking on his hands
He loves mornings, and when he's ready to get up he opens his eyes very wide and stairs at the light at the top of the stairs.. and creepily smiles at me in the dark.
Had a marathon sleep of 8 solid hours the other night, but usually sleeps 5 to 6.
Can't fit in 3 months clothes any more, its on to size 6 months and size 3 diapers.
Doesn't like being held inwards cuddling towards me, wants to face out or lay on the floor by himself.. :(
And.. is adorable.

Chad put Oliver in a box. Not his favorite thing.. but not the worst either?...

Pictures from his baby blessing... in his little white suit, tie included!

Saying goodbyes at the airport.

Some after bath pictures

Kitty trying to get in the pictures

The chubbsters.