Sunday, December 4, 2011

The watchmen chose the moment.

I know im being a bad blogger. I'll get better soon. Promise. 

A week and 2 days until we go to Canada! And school is over! I am hoping to get everything done this week so I won't be hurrying to finish stuff. But I make these goals every week, so we will see if this is the one time i don't put everything off till the last day. 

A couple days ago we decorated the tree, so here is that. And also a cute little picture of darcy saying hello. And picture of darcy looking crazy. And then finally a picture of darcy playing.  

And here is a picture of use trying to take a picture together. Didn't work out the best. But i am fond of it still. 

We bought my families Christmas presents the other day. Today i wrapped them all up. They will be mailed off soon. Maybe. I also bought a cute little cup shaped as a penguin for Barbara that i have to send as well. 

We've been looking at cat collars on Etsy. Found this one i like but chad doesn't like the color. 
So maybe a silver?