Thursday, December 12, 2013

If you ever feel alone. Dont.

Its almost christmas! Here is a picture of our pretty tree. We went with a white one because we both have always wanted to try having a white tree, and now that we have it.. i really like it :) However our tree dies a little every day because of some one named kitty. Every night she climbs up the tree and destroys it. Her heavy body bends all the branches down and we have to get a hammer and push them all up again but they never quite look the same. Its sad. 

Also something new with us is that we have not bought a microwave since we moved, and it has become one of the best things. I actually cook now. We also haven't used our dishwasher since moving either. That started out because we kept forgetting to buy soap but now its just normal and maybe we are saving a few cents on our electric bill? haha. anyways..

I love popcorn. I eat it regularly. I usually don't like sweet popcorns but i tried this cinnamon brown sugar popcorn idea and loved it. I think its because besides butter and salt brown sugar is one of my favorites. 

I was also inspired by lacey who mentioned on her blog that shes made pizza dough from scratch and thought i probably should attempt that since all chad wants to ever eat is pizza. No thanks to martha's recipe (martha stewart) my dough started out real bad. But i just started adding water and hoped for the best and it surprisingly worked out. :) I made chicken bacon pizza. 

 i also finally got a sensy. I've been wanting one for forever and i like it as much as i thought i would :)

And my favorite one direction song from their new cd.