Monday, December 31, 2012

It means i was wrong

We were lucky enough to get to go to Canada to spend Christmas with chads family. It was fantastic. I loved getting a week of work, leaving Idaho for a little, and spending time with family.
Heres some pictures!!

 We decorated sugar cookies....

 Dipped pretzels in chocolate.

 Duke ate them..

Kasey and Duke with the Christmas tree

I got some new sparkly shoes!!

And we did a quick little photo shoot with Kasey and Rachel.

I also got a new recipe for a salad dressing that is delicious.

I remember every sunset, I remember every word you said.

We didn't get a chance to go anywhere for thanksgiving like we were planning so when i ended up getting two days off in a row we took a quick trip up to Utah to visit Nathan and Lacey and their cute little baby bridger. We also took a quick look at Ikea! It was fun.

Group Picture!

Lonely Kasey picture!

Chad took this picture of darcy that i think is adorable.

Also... i sold my laptop. I never ever use it and was wanting to sell it but it has a charging problem that just needs a simple new cord or something so selling it online i thought would be annoying to explain. So when my parents told me they were looking for a laptop for jenna it worked perfectly. It was sad to say goodbye but its a good thing.

I'm dying aren't i? .... Probably

Well yes its been FORever... but i've figured things out and am now posting again! The next couple posts will be of old things that we have done, which hasn't been much. So heres the first!

We went to the animal shelter... again...

There were these two super cute white kitties that i loved lots. We went back to the animal shelter a little while later and only one of the cats were left and she was very whiny and wouldn't sit still not like when we first met her. I think she missed her sister. It was sad.

And this is Kaseys pal. He was Giant!

Sad Puppy

And this is a bad picture but its a funny story. Kasey wanted to pet this little puppy so she went into the cage and closed the door behind her. I took the picture then went to join chad looking at other dogs. We heard kasey calling and it ended up that of course there are no handles on the inside of the cage so she was locked in with the puppy. Good times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Watch me count all my money till it go high


I made banana chocolate chip bread for the first time.

Kasey turned 19! We had cake and ate at wingers....

I started working at shopko seasonally.. Its not too bad.

I enjoy going to this website that has old/vintagy pictures of cats...

I got another etsy order! I was surprised because i kind of stopped doing stuff with it. haha.. But this lady is ordering 5 vases and one large vase, She calls it a wishing tree? for a baby shower. i'll make $70! This is a picture of what im making her... 3 will look like this then 2 will be baby blue colored (is a gender reveal party). fun fun.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My dreams they are just empty

The other day we took a trip to the animal shelter and they had more adorable kittens... they always do...i finally brought my camera to take a couple pictures! Here they are... 

Also chad and kasey found out about this survey calling job for Romney that pays $10 an hour. Its not like a legit job with certain hours, you just go in for as many hours as you want and such..So on Saturday chad went to rexburg and they called for 7 hours. He wanted to do this so he could go on a little shopping spree. I didn't do it because i went to my friends baby shower.. and that kind of survey calling stuff makes me very stressed and nervous. So chad came home and we went to the mall and he bought some gloves he saw that he really wanted and.. he bought me some perfume! It wasn't just any perfume.. i've been wanting this stuff for like months and months. Every time we go to the mall we stop in there and i spray some.. I really love it. Chads a nicey and told me i had to get it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broken down like a mirror smashed to pieces..

Last night i made some hot caramel apples in the crock-pot using this recipe. And.. i loved them. I think i cooked mine a little longer then the recipe said to but i liked it extra soft. Next time i might use caramel syrup instead of actual caramels because the caramels got hard again after taking them out of the crock-pot. But altogether i really liked these.. even had one for breakfast this morning : )

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin size bed

I love fall and winter because of all the exciting holidays.. and for the pretty colors outside, which includes white when snow covers every thing. And today was the first day of snow here! It stopped after a little and then melted very quickly, but still.. it was exciting.

Also kasey chad and i carved pumpkins this past weekend. They were both pretty much pros. I've always just done triangle eye plain pumpkin carving my whole life. I looked for some old pictures and here are two....

This ones from 2007, ben is pretty good at posing.

And this ones from last year (2011), Chad stepped on it before i could get a picture of it....

And here is this years! It goes in order from left to right of chad, kasey, and mine.

And... one of my favorite parts of pumkin carving is baking pumpkin seeds afterwards! I cooked mine a little bit too long this time but they are still pretty good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Your soul is like a secret that i never could keep.

Today we went to place called Ririe Reservoir.. its in Tex Creek wildlife management area. Its about 20 mins or so from our house. I found it on this website which has a bunch of other places i want to try going to another time. It was pretty cool. And an unexpected cool part was seeing the windmills up close. We can see them from in town and i've always wanted to drive till i got to them. The road that brought us to the reservoir went right next to them. Once we got to the reservoir we went on a little hike towards the beach area and hung out for a little it was fun. I'd want to go back some time and have a fire. So.. here are a Bunch of pictures!......

And lastly.. here is chad and i trying to take a picture.. chad almost always has a little trouble with this.