Friday, June 29, 2012

I dont want no part of this, don't bother this.

So... i was reminded of a man named Josiah Leming whos music i use to love. So i went looking through his music and found this old song that i think might just be his best song. So here it is..... sorry youtube wont let me copy the link that actually has the video to post here :(

This is an old picture of me from freshman year when i bought his first cd.. and its signed.... pretty big deal.

I'll post soon about some spray painting im working on right now!.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shes a pig.

So i found this bird cage for a cheap 9 dollars at Ross. I loved it but not the color. So... I spray painted it! Heres before and after... Also kitty was interested in it so i put her inside. 

And here is little darcy and her sleeping spot for the day. Right by my feet at the computer but still in the sun. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

As long as you love me.

Its burning hot these days! Today was the first day i went outside since friday when i burnt my shoulder real bad. I feel like a big dummy and  will never ever go out in the sun again without sun screen. :)

Besides burning i've found this font website and have been having fun uploading new fonts to Word. I also added a little song lyric quote to the top of my blog.. as you can see above...

I've been on pinterest a lot today as well. Found this ladies blog that has lots of ideas and before and afters. {} And also found this website were you can find cheap cruises.. but they are cruise that are happening in like the next 30 days, its

AND... the most exciting thing this week that i can not wait for.....White Place Flea Market is this Saturday! This is the thing that i went to in December and bought these white frames and silver mirror. Cant wait to see what pretty stuff there is this time.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement.

 For the past couple days darcy has been sleeping a lot and been pretty grumpy and also like coughing? So we brought her to the vet yesterday and we found out she had a fever. She got a shot and we are giving her pain killers every day. She should be all better in a couple days the doctor says. She's already been acting more active and happy. Here is an adorable picture we took when she was a sicky. She was sleeping like all day so one time we tucked her in and it was soo cute!

And today i went to Rigby lake with Jessica and her family. Chad had class still so i just went. I was only there for about an hour and a half but i got very sunburnt. Mostly on my left side too. haha. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Im sick and tired of the mess you made me, never gonna catch me cry.

So theres been this computer at walmart in the clearance section and chad and i would go look at it every time we went to walmart. The price kept dropping until one day they moved it to this display sales table. It was down about $200 from the original price so we decided if it was there the next morning we would buy it. AND.... it was! Its a computer, screen, speakers, and such...

 And yeah.. its great. Using it right now. We knew we wanted to buy one for after graduation like as a future family computer kind of thing since we wont be bringing our lap tops around to class all the time. And im not sure chad's computer has much longer in it.

Also.. i am applying for a job as we speak. .. type?... Its with Idaho falls school district and its a custodial. Its also after schools out, so i wont have to wake up early, and its $10 an hour, much higher then minimum wage here. So yeah.. hope that works out.

I am also saving up for this couch for after we move!.... I have $35 so far from selling our rockband 3 on the school bulletin. $264 left to save.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Im singing in the rain.

So.. as you might have found out we got a new kitty last Saturday! We weren't sure if it would work out or not so we decided to wait a week before deciding anything. At first darcy was super scared of kitty and wasn't ready to have a new friend. But we have this cat book (that sounds cat nerdy) and read that you should keep them apart and mix their sents by petting one then the other blah blah.. so we did that for a day and then they found each other under the door and darcy started playing with her with her paw under the door. Eventually we opened the door and now they are friends! Darcy sometimes plays a little too rough but she stops when you get mad at her. Also kitty meows alllll the time. Shes a little whiner. Also.. if you didn't notice we still don't have a name for her.. hence "kitty".

I love this picture. btw.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I just met you, and this is crazy.

Just saw this on facebook and thought it was hilarious.

.. yeah.. i should get back to my home work now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Without further ado

Its Sunday. We were inside all day chad's studying for a test this week and i was getting my application for University studies all ready to bring in tomorrow. We haven't brought darcy outside for awhile so we brought her to this elementary school that we go to. She seemed pretty happy.