Saturday, October 13, 2012

Your soul is like a secret that i never could keep.

Today we went to place called Ririe Reservoir.. its in Tex Creek wildlife management area. Its about 20 mins or so from our house. I found it on this website which has a bunch of other places i want to try going to another time. It was pretty cool. And an unexpected cool part was seeing the windmills up close. We can see them from in town and i've always wanted to drive till i got to them. The road that brought us to the reservoir went right next to them. Once we got to the reservoir we went on a little hike towards the beach area and hung out for a little it was fun. I'd want to go back some time and have a fire. So.. here are a Bunch of pictures!......

And lastly.. here is chad and i trying to take a picture.. chad almost always has a little trouble with this.