Wednesday, December 24, 2014

They'll tell you i'm insane

 Merry Christmas Eve!!

Here is our family Christmas picture, real snow included. :)

I also took some pictures for the parr family Christmas card and had to share them, they're so cute.

And here we are again :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The best way to spread christmas cheer....

Just a little tummy time Thursday picture! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Just hold my hand I think that would help.

Only a little more then 2 weeks till Christmas! I feel like this year went by super quick? Anyways here are some pictures :)

We all went out to get a christmas tree. I think this was my first time going to pick out a real tree?

Oliver got a little worn out with all the festivities and took a break in the baskets.

Before getting the tree we went to the parade of lights where a bunch of semi trucks and buses decorate the outside and then drive in a parade together. I guess its a thunderbay specialty. And its pretty cool.

And, we went to the ward christmas party. This picture makes me laugh.

Oliver has started taking naps which is pretty cool. He started getting grumpy during the day and I didn't understand why and then we figured out he just wanted to lay down in the dark bedroom and take little naps. Its cute. Especially since darcy and kitty like to nap on the bed too.

And, Rachel had a book themed 24th birthday! 

Kasey held Oliver

I also held Oliver

Oliver slept.

And acted cute for some pictures...

And.. here's kitty. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pauses then says, You're my best friend.

Well its been a good couple weeks! Oliver is two and a half months, we flew down to texas to see my family for a week  and Oliver had his baby blessing. 

Today is Thanksgiving morning and I am typing this in a hotel in Minneapolis with a wiggly baby who thinks its time we wake up. We drove to Minneapolis yesterday for Olivers two month checkup and shots. He did not like the shots. But the traumatic event must have worn him out because he fell asleep a couple minutes later! 

A few things about Oliver......
Big old Oliver is now 16 lbs and a little more then 25 inches long
He loves sucking on his hands
He loves mornings, and when he's ready to get up he opens his eyes very wide and stairs at the light at the top of the stairs.. and creepily smiles at me in the dark.
Had a marathon sleep of 8 solid hours the other night, but usually sleeps 5 to 6.
Can't fit in 3 months clothes any more, its on to size 6 months and size 3 diapers.
Doesn't like being held inwards cuddling towards me, wants to face out or lay on the floor by himself.. :(
And.. is adorable.

Chad put Oliver in a box. Not his favorite thing.. but not the worst either?...

Pictures from his baby blessing... in his little white suit, tie included!

Saying goodbyes at the airport.

Some after bath pictures

Kitty trying to get in the pictures

The chubbsters. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh darling don't you ever grow up.

 We've had a fun couple of weeks with halloween coming up. Oliver has also turned into a real cutie and now smiles all the time. It melts my heart! I don't have a picture of his smiling face yet... but I will soon!

We went to the church halloween party and chad and I dressed up as burglars and Oliver was in the carrier as our bag of money. We kind of won the best couple costume award.... no big deal.

 And here are our buddies all dressed up.

And the Parr's had a little halloween party as well which included cupcakes and games. 

Little homemade treats by Kasey
More Oliver....

And I tried getting a picture with Oliver and kitty but... yeah..

We also took some family Sunday photos....

Crazy Aunt Kasey.

Brotherly love.

Jordan and his family.

And here is one of darcy because im sure everyones missed the cat pictures right?