Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where do you go when the stars go blue?

Well we are still alive. 

The part of our new home we don't like to go....

I went with chad to class today so i could spend some time on the internet, something i miss greatly. Is that a bad thing?... i don't think so : ) Since not having the internet i instead filled my time re-watching the first season of Heroes that i had saved on a hard drive and day dreaming about our blank walls and empty apartment. I re-decided Heroes is dumb and our apartment is still empty. 

I did buy a book though. On page 17.

I also tried to make the kitchen look a tiny bit better by lining the cupboard shelves with pretty home goods wrapping paper. I saw the same paper at home sense in Canada but here it was a dollar cheaper. So pretty cool. 

And...i forgot to add this picture from my phone for jordan from mall of america from our trip a little while ago. Its him and his lord of the rings lego's. 

Also I've decided im going to make and try selling candles on etsy. We will see how that goes. If they don't sell at least i'll have a great smelling apartment?  : )