Friday, April 26, 2013

She said show me the world that's inside your head. birthday is in 2 days! I asked for it off so i'll get to hang out at home. Barbara is coming over and making me some brownies that are supposedly really good... and i also have the day after off so i'll get to stay up late and sleep in the next morning : ) 

And here are few pictures from today. We had some yummy corn for dinner. And then since it was sunny we took a drive to a little pond near our house and walked around. 

Fresh corn on the cob. yum. yum. 

Driving like baddys. 

Beautiful..dry.. idaho.. 

Little purple flowers. 

A bridge for a pipe across the river. 

Sand and plants. 

A + C

A little chad and allie picture. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hold on the stars are bound to change

Yesterday chad and i were cleaning the craft room and it made me get a craft idea! I have lots of extra frames laying around and decided to paint them all black and back them with left over paper that i used in the drawers of my buffet thing. And found a home for them above the tv. 

Here it is.. (i stilll haven't fixed the bottom right drawer.. sadly.) 

And here is kitty being a cutie pie. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

That night i kind of fell in love.

Well.. Chad got accepted to grad school in Alaska at APU!!!!! 

And thats about all the interesting news that has happened since easter. : ) But one really cool thing did happen. The other day i came home from work and outside our door was a giant giant tumble weed! I thought this was pretty cool. Some may not agree... like chad. But it was a pretty impressive tumble weed.. Riiigght at our front door. cool. So anyways.. here are some simple pictures. 

Chad and the tumble weed. Sorry its suuuper blurry. : (

Kitty in the middle of meowing at me. Something she does waaay too much.

And.. chad and his cats. 

And, an attempt to take a picture together. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

You know what it feels like when you're dancing blind.

So this is my easter post! It was pretty great. Kasey came over, we dyed eggs the night before. Lots of eggs. On easter easter we all went to church and then came home and hid our easter baskets from chads mom. Kasey cheated and put our outside. They were filled with yummy things and other pretty things like shirts, oven mitt, and a cat toy. We then played some egg Olympics. I was the first loser. But my eyes were doing bad that day.. so you know. : ) And then it was a pretty intense end with kasey and chad but then chad got a big lead and wasted kasey. So.. fun times!

We had big plans for a nice little bbq which turned out awful. The burgers turned into slim. They like melted all over the grill. It was weird and uneatable. 

All or our eggs!!

The first egg to be dyed. Chad made it.

Every ones eggs. 

One of the many courses during the egg Olympics. This one took the life of two eggs.

 We also went outside for a little. Kittys favorite thing.

 Two cool kids drinking their kool aid jammers.

And this is just one of darcy i like : )