Sunday, September 21, 2014

weave out weave out.

Little Oliver is here, and officially one week old today! We love him sooo much and I already can't imagine our lives without him. Here's a little about his birth and some cutiesy pictures.

The morning of chad's birthday around 5am I started having contractions. I wasn't positive they were contractions or just pains. At about 8am I started counting them and they were 10 mins apart. I decided they had to be contractions and laid there until 10am to wake chad up and tell him. Since it was still chad's birthday we went to pizza hut for lunch and picked up some fancy cupcakes and then went home. By the time we got home my contractions were 6 mins apart which is where they stayed and started getting more and more painful until we went into the hospital at midnight. 

Here I am checking in at the hospital. 

At the hospital I got some pitocin and we waited. I started getting the shakes really bad and they lasted just about the whole night and even after giving birth for awhile. It was pretty awful. Throughout the morning I was dilating well but by contractions were still being bad. I was very happy to get my epidural at 4cm but getting it was a little scary. I was shaking a ton and of course was told to stay as still as possible which was impossible. And then I was warned I could feel a "little" zing down my leg. I felt it. And it wasn't little. It was like getting that puff of air in your eye at the eye doctor. Supper shocking. So I jerked. And the anesthesiologist wasn't happy.  He tried again and things went well. (But this jerk was likely why I ended up getting spinal headaches which was super awful and went into the ER after getting out of the hospital and got a spinal blood patch which is a magical thing which made them go away instantly.)

Here I am looking lovely after the epidural. Around 3pm I was fully dilated but my contractions still weren't regular. After a little they decided I should try pushing anyways but after and hour and a half of that things still weren't moving right so It was decided I'd have a c-section.

Of course the operating room was being used and Oliver wasn't in any trouble so we waited another hour before things could get started. I had my 3rd epidural for the day, got my plastic cap on and was rolled through the halls into the operating room.

While I was getting all set up in the operating room chad put on his scrubs and took a selfie.

I have to say chad really was fantastic through the whole ordeal. We had a couple stressful moments like when he ran out of insulin and had to judge when the best time was to run back home to fill up, or when I started getting a fever and they said Oliver might have to be isolated for 24 hours after birth and put on antibiotics, and of course the c-section itself.

At exactly 8pm Oliver was born at 8.9lbs and 21 3/4 in long.  After he was born I was able to have a little skin to skin contact while they finished things up. I was pretty nauseous and still shaking so it was a little difficult. Right after getting back to our room though we got to cuddle again. Starting the first night Oliver was nice and quiet. He is an amazing baby and only cries when I change his diaper or wakes up. He is such a handsome boy I could stare at him all day!

All of our hospital bands.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Every time you kiss me its like sunshine and whisky

Well... today is Oliver's due date! My doctor says he should be born within the week. At my 38 week check up I was one centimeter dilated and 39 weeks was two. So things are going how they should and any day we'll be headed to the hospital! 

Yesterday when i was procrastinating a homework paper we drove down to Como park and started to walk around. When i reminded chad that walking can help start labor he told me we could sit down at a bench or head back to the car! I guess he wasn't quite ready for oliver to come that day :)