Saturday, January 28, 2012

When we fell in love you made my heart drop and you had me thinking about you nonstop.

The other day: I got out of class and walked up to the parking lot that's at the top of the hill. I threw my backpack into the passenger seat. It hit the parking brake. The car starts rolling backwards. I freaked out. Luckily the hill wasn't too steep and i was able to push against it to stop it and pull the parking brake back up. It was still embarrassing. A car had to drive around me. I put my backpack in the back seat now. 

The day after the other day: It snowed. I had to drive to work and it was really slippery. The car could hardly get up the hill after a stop sign. And.. i slide through a stop sign. I use to think i was a good winter driver coming from alaska and such. I found out this week im not. 

And, This past week: We bought a new rug! The one in our kitchen /dinning room came with the apartment and it was ugly and always looked dirty and didn't match anything. Rugs were on sale for $20 so I had to. right? Its smaller but I like it more, it feels cleaner. 

 Also as you may have noticed.. i've been sewing finally! I took in a sweater i had and then changed an old dress I never wear into a shirt. It turned out pretty good. I've been looking for fabric to make darcy's suitcase bed. I plan on doing that some time soon.

AND.. today i made brown sugar pumpkin cheesecake! Found the recipe on pinterest [] I didn't use the recipe for the crust, i had an extra crust mix left over from something else so i went the easy way with that. There was tooonns of left over filling so i poured some into a mini cupcake pan and that worked great too.. just make sure you grease the pan because i didn't and we ended up having to eat them out of the pan. 

And... i found something to put in the bowl i bought at HomeSense back in canada. HomeSense by the way is my favorite store ever. But, the oranges are running out. I have to find something new to put inside before its just a pretty empty bowl again. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another life.

Not much going on these days.

I didn't work yesterday and it was wonderful!

We went to idaho falls with adam and his sister. She went to a bridal shower in Ferth and we stopped by this place called hidden treasures outside it looked like a junk yard but when we got inside it was amazing. They have two sections in the store one is just filled with pretty furniture old and new, and the other side is all old things not all that pretty but cool. Here is a picture of the pretty furniture side....

It was like this everywhere and it was a big place. The only disappointing thing is that it was way way expensive, more then most of it was worth (i feel at least). Homesense would have better deals. Oh i miss homesense. 

Besides that not much else going on. 

Chad bought some jeans finally. 

I bought some new tights. They are grayish blue. 

I had the stomach flue last night. It wasn't nice. 

Darcy is still adorable. Sleeping on the couch next to chad and i right now. 

And i found this new plant i think looks quite pretty. I'd like one someday. Its called string of pearls succulent.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Im sorry you had to hear that.

I finished my picture frames today!

So here they are. I swear the picture frames are all straight and such, every time i take a picture they always look crooked. haha.. I don't have a picture yet for the two large ones. I want to print off bigger pictures for them.

Here is a close up...

So here's how it was done. I was looking for scrape book paper that would look good and then chad found this newspaper looking paper and really liked it. My two big frames are both too big for one piece of scrape book paper so I decided on cutting them into strips so it could cover the whole frame.

Then I modg podged them onto the cardboard then mod podged over them and then let it dry. 

Then i painted the little clips an off white. Then glued them on. And that was all... yeah, its not very complicated just thought it would be fun to show the steps. 

So darcy sat with me the whole time i was working on this and she was just being soo adorable. So i took a couple pictures.. of course.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I got the teddy bear.

I know its been awhile since i've posted...

My classes are pretty great. All quite interesting. I had an online drawing class which was 3 credits but i dropped it. It was hard. haha. And i had to go scan things at the copy spot like twice a week which was annoying. I was only taking it because I need 3 extra credits to reach 120 to graduate next semester so im thinking I'll be fine just taking a random online one next semester. Also, my internship only has to be 7 weeks. So i will probably have a lot of extra time on my hands next semester.

The new people i work with are close to being awful. Its funny how odd people can be. But there is a new schedule switch so now i never work Saturdays and i guess we all got a raise of 15 cents an hour. joy.

It was adam J's birthday last week. Chad and i decided to make him a cake. Chad came up with the idea to make him an angry birds cake. We found these angry birds gummies and used those to make it look like the actual game?.. here's a picture to make more sense...

If you were wondering chad drew the blocks so that explains why they look so bad... : )  and here is darcy enjoying the cake as well.

And here is a picture of darcy playing in her room.

Anyways.. i started working on the picture frames in my kitchen found here . Since i bought just the frames alone without any kind of glass or backing i wasn't quite sure what to do with them. But i saw the idea to use scrap book paper and then glue a clip to hold the picture on my sister in laws blog a couple months ago and thought it was the perfect thing. [here's the original link to the project-]  It is all just about finished. If the store i need to go to is open tomorrow then i'll be done and post pictures of it tomorrow!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you grin inside? You're killing me.

We are home again! There were some great silly things that happened on our way home, most of which were my fault. First we weren't going to get to go through security because my name didn't match my ticket, the lady finally changed it for us, then we found out our flight was delayed causing us to miss all our connecting flights. So they paid for a hotel and $27 to eat out at the out back stake house. Our flight was the next morning at 6:45am.. my phone decided to switch pm and am around so when my 5am alarm was suppose to go off it didn't because my phone thought it was 5pm... So we missed our flight. We waited in the Duluth airport for 6 hours for the next flight. Once we got to idaho falls the Salt lake express bus was of course late. I called up to ask them when they'd finally get there and they said in a few minutes (it came about 20 minutes late). I decided to go to the bathroom because they were taking so long and once i came back they were there hurrying us onto the bus. I forgot my purse. It had both our passports, marriage certificate, license, credit and debit card, ipod touch, and my slr camera.  We drove back the next morning and thankfully they had it and everything was in it. But yeah, pretty stressful trip home for me. haha. 

Anyways, here are some pictures of the bay in Duluth that we stopped at before going to the airport. It was very pretty there.

Here's chad and Jordan

Here is a picture I took that I tried editing a little differently and i think i really like it. 
 Kasey and Jordan next to the ducks. 

And some nature ones....

And this is a very cool bridge that connects a little island and goes up and down for boats to go through. We walked underneath it when the cars drove by and it was loud and scary. 

Also while we were in the Minneapolis Airport we got to eat our favorite bourbon chicken at Wok and Roll! In the picture its the chicken on the right.. chad tried this new bbq chicken, on the left, and it was awful. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We need to go.

Tomorrow we go back to good old Rexburg. I'm very excited to see Darcy. I'm also oddly looking forward to work again. I hope they still let me be in-charge of collecting the garbage. hm.. that sounded really lame. But yeah, its true.

Chad took me to see some of the sites here in Thunderbay. We started off by going down to the docks/bay/waterfront, but like 2 seconds after being outside I got cold and we explored one building and then left. Here is a weird art thing that was there...

Here's a close up one with our reflection.....

Here is a picture of the road....

And this is what they call sleeping giant.. way out there in the distance. Those rocks/hills in the ocean. Its suppose to look like a giant laying down sleeping.

Monday, January 2, 2012


i've been missing darcy and i re-watched this cute little video of her on facebook and realized i haven't posted it on my blog, so here it is.

Blog post #123

2 new sewing blogs i like: [] & []

And here is the new planner i bought for 2012 at Chapters a book store here in Canada.


Also.. i got these mini notebooks. One is for my to do at home, one is to go along with my planner for 
school, and the last is uncommitted as of now.

And, here is the curtain rod i've picked out for our bedroom. Its going to matched our red and gold bedding stuff. I've already decided im going to make the curtains for our room, they'll be red.