Sunday, January 15, 2012

I got the teddy bear.

I know its been awhile since i've posted...

My classes are pretty great. All quite interesting. I had an online drawing class which was 3 credits but i dropped it. It was hard. haha. And i had to go scan things at the copy spot like twice a week which was annoying. I was only taking it because I need 3 extra credits to reach 120 to graduate next semester so im thinking I'll be fine just taking a random online one next semester. Also, my internship only has to be 7 weeks. So i will probably have a lot of extra time on my hands next semester.

The new people i work with are close to being awful. Its funny how odd people can be. But there is a new schedule switch so now i never work Saturdays and i guess we all got a raise of 15 cents an hour. joy.

It was adam J's birthday last week. Chad and i decided to make him a cake. Chad came up with the idea to make him an angry birds cake. We found these angry birds gummies and used those to make it look like the actual game?.. here's a picture to make more sense...

If you were wondering chad drew the blocks so that explains why they look so bad... : )  and here is darcy enjoying the cake as well.

And here is a picture of darcy playing in her room.

Anyways.. i started working on the picture frames in my kitchen found here . Since i bought just the frames alone without any kind of glass or backing i wasn't quite sure what to do with them. But i saw the idea to use scrap book paper and then glue a clip to hold the picture on my sister in laws blog a couple months ago and thought it was the perfect thing. [here's the original link to the project-]  It is all just about finished. If the store i need to go to is open tomorrow then i'll be done and post pictures of it tomorrow!

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  1. I got the stuff for my pic frames too!!! I need to start them. Post pics so I can see:)