Monday, February 15, 2016

Please leave all overcoat, canes, and top hats with the door man.

Oliver has been pretty fun lately. I love that he is getting older! I feel like we are actually becoming buddies. Also, its nice that he has been whining much much less. 

One of the funny things he does is try and put everything in his truck. Sometimes things don't really fit. He tried putting his shopping cart in yesterday..... 

He also loves hanging out in cubbies. He has a perfect spot in his room but will sit in the closets and kitchen cupboards too. 

And Happy Late Valentines day! We had a little party with cookies, pizza, and some star wars jokes.

Family photo time... yes oliver is still in his monkey pjs. but they are red?...

I had to post this one too because oliver looks ultra cute.

After/during our party oliver collected all the star wars jokes to go into his truck... of course.

More hiding.

I'm taking back the crown

 Here are some old pictures/videos from my phone...

This is the before and after of my striped bathroom that you probably already saw on instagram,  but I still really like it!

Big shoes. 

Oliver and daddy tooth brush time. 

Family trip to Ikea

Big snow day! I planned to just open the garage door part way and we could go back and forth a little but that didn't last long at all. He did not want to come back inside at all.