Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh darling don't you ever grow up.

 We've had a fun couple of weeks with halloween coming up. Oliver has also turned into a real cutie and now smiles all the time. It melts my heart! I don't have a picture of his smiling face yet... but I will soon!

We went to the church halloween party and chad and I dressed up as burglars and Oliver was in the carrier as our bag of money. We kind of won the best couple costume award.... no big deal.

 And here are our buddies all dressed up.

And the Parr's had a little halloween party as well which included cupcakes and games. 

Little homemade treats by Kasey
More Oliver....

And I tried getting a picture with Oliver and kitty but... yeah..

We also took some family Sunday photos....

Crazy Aunt Kasey.

Brotherly love.

Jordan and his family.

And here is one of darcy because im sure everyones missed the cat pictures right?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey princess in your white dress.

Oliver is 1 month old! We tried to weigh him and it looks like he is about 11 pounds. I feel like he is getting bigger and bigger every day. He is still a good little boy but has become a bigger eater. At night he was eating every two to three hours but now its definitely every 2 hours or less that he wakes up to eat. He will still go back to sleep nicely after his bottle though so that makes me very happy. 

Heres some cutesy pictures!

Chad and Jordan went on a walk and came back bragging about how they went parkouring at this construction area and so we all went Parkouring, well chad kasey jordan and rachael went and I took some pictures. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

You told me about your past thinking your future was me

Well we've been really busy lately, long story short we moved and then realized our new apartment was a horrible desperate decision so everything is in storage and we are looking for a real place while we stay in thunderbay with chads family. its been rough, mostly for chads family who technically moved us 3 times with all the packing and unpacking of the uhaul. We are super thankful for them and for oliver who has been a good little boy through it all. 

An now oliver pictures? 

He turned three weeks yesterday, btw.

Our first bath time with oliver was real funny, where everything we didnt think of seemed to go wrong. The bath tub the hospital gave us was way too small which we didnt realize until he was in it. So when he peed it didnt stay under the water and then of course he pooped as well. I also filled the water up too high and we didnt have a towel ready. Since then we've gotten much better at baths and oliver enjoys them much more as well.

Just over a week old

 2 weeks old

3 weeks old

And heres a few moving pictures......

I wasnt here for this picture so im not quite sure whats going on. But i have a feeling even if i was there it wouldnt make much sense!