Sunday, July 12, 2015

And I will stumble and fall.

 Family Photo Time!

After taking pictures of Oliver at the tree farm I decided I really wanted to take some more pictures.
Kasey and I were talking and I was going to do a little couples shoot with her and andre and we're deciding where to go when we thought about just stopping at the tree farm right after church since they'd be all dressed up anyways. Since everyone dresses up for church it turned into a family photo shoot with some kasey and andre on the side. It also worked out real nice since my camera's settings were all ready to go from last time. It was fun. here. they. are.

The End

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Something that will hold you very tight when you're scared.

Here is an overload of pictures!

Rachel and I went out with Courtney and Kayla to take some fun pictures at the tree farm and I liked so many of them I decided to just add a bunch. Also.. i've been such a blog slacker I might as well make up for it with extra pictures right? 

The first place we were at was a little too sunny for Oliver and the old nikon but it was so cute. It kind of reminded me of field chad and I had our engagement pictures at but tall flowers instead of short?... 

Cute little hands and legs.

 We moved on to another part of the tree farm and it was perfect. I loved it.

 Peter putting casidy and oliver in there place.

  Kayla brought a cute little bed to take pictures and Oliver thought it was pretty fun.

It's so quiet in the world tonight

Oliver's 10 months in 6 days! 

We've had some pretty hot days here, and chad and I have not gotten around to buying one of those little plastic pools so when it was real hot one Sunday we just filled up a tote and called it good. Oliver enjoyed it.

And Oliver has started playing with his toys again which makes me happy. He went through a real bored of toys phase and it wasn't very fun. He also stands up by himself all the time. We have be trying to get him to walk to us but he just leans forward and falls into us instead of stepping. Eventually..... 

Here he is in his little wagon. Today he wanted to sit down in it but he was too big, it was pretty funny. Click here for a picture of him in the wagon back when he was 6 1/2 months. Cute. 

As we go on we remember all the times we spent together

So jordan graduated the big 8th grade and is moving on to high school. I guess in canada they go all out with 8th grade so jordan and his friends had a limo come pick them up. It was pretty cool. 

Glamor shot.

On jordans last day of school we all went to five mile to get jordan and take the hallway everyone has their picture. I think its pretty cute that everyone went to the same elementary school. Nathan and Jeni's class pictures aren't in the hallway anymore though.

Kasey and little Kasey.

Chad and little Chad.

 Find Rachel.....

The whole gang.. minus Jeni and Nathan of course.