Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Something that will hold you very tight when you're scared.

Here is an overload of pictures!

Rachel and I went out with Courtney and Kayla to take some fun pictures at the tree farm and I liked so many of them I decided to just add a bunch. Also.. i've been such a blog slacker I might as well make up for it with extra pictures right? 

The first place we were at was a little too sunny for Oliver and the old nikon but it was so cute. It kind of reminded me of field chad and I had our engagement pictures at but tall flowers instead of short?... 

Cute little hands and legs.

 We moved on to another part of the tree farm and it was perfect. I loved it.

 Peter putting casidy and oliver in there place.

  Kayla brought a cute little bed to take pictures and Oliver thought it was pretty fun.

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  1. What a bunch of little cuties! And that last photo is PRICELESS!