Friday, February 27, 2015

And I don't think we can solve them

So... i wrote this awhile ago but never got to posting it. I've been a bad blogger... Oliver is now 5 and a half months btw.

Oliver is 5 months old! Something about him....

He can sit up all by himself!

Went to the doctors and he weighs 21 lbs...... oh boy... which puts him up in the 90's percentile but he is also in the 90's for height and head circumference so at least he's proportionately big...? His doctor says he has the body of a 6 month old. 

Splashed in the bathtub for the first time and loved it. 

Got the sniffles and a little cough for the first time. Breaks my heart. 

Is becoming a grumpers, we think he might be getting some teeth some time soon?

Along with that.. drools so much its impossible to keep up with, even when he's wearing a bib. His neck has gotten all rashy from it :(

Likes to wake up any time between 5 and 7. Usually 6. Still goes to bed at 7pm on the dot. 

And he also got a highchair, which he doesn't like to sit in for very long. But, he sat in it in front of the window while everyone was outside shoveling and enjoyed that for a little. It was cute while it lasted. 

Oliver trying to eat our valentines candy from the Crewdsons.

Oliver is obsessed with food. Whenever someone has food his eyes just follow it and he gets all interested. So I decided to make him a little apple sauce for fun. He was excited at first but once he tasted it he did not like it.

Here he is all excited to try it...

And here is his yucky face. 

But the spoon was still really good.