Sunday, October 28, 2012

My dreams they are just empty

The other day we took a trip to the animal shelter and they had more adorable kittens... they always do...i finally brought my camera to take a couple pictures! Here they are... 

Also chad and kasey found out about this survey calling job for Romney that pays $10 an hour. Its not like a legit job with certain hours, you just go in for as many hours as you want and such..So on Saturday chad went to rexburg and they called for 7 hours. He wanted to do this so he could go on a little shopping spree. I didn't do it because i went to my friends baby shower.. and that kind of survey calling stuff makes me very stressed and nervous. So chad came home and we went to the mall and he bought some gloves he saw that he really wanted and.. he bought me some perfume! It wasn't just any perfume.. i've been wanting this stuff for like months and months. Every time we go to the mall we stop in there and i spray some.. I really love it. Chads a nicey and told me i had to get it.