Thursday, November 24, 2011

He looks like prince charming.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is thanksgiving, chad and i stayed in town for the break. I made mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, and some ham. I wish i had taken a picture of chad's plate, he made himself  a nice frozen pizza. Im going to have a lot of yummy left overs for awhile. 
We already stopped by kmart for some early black friday deals. I got some little boots and a bright pink puffy vest. Its rather cool. 

At 10 is when Walmarts black friday deals start. Im excited to get some movies for $1.28 each. Chad is getting Battle field 3. 

Here is more of Darcy! Which by the way, we realized is a girl. So no more Mr....

We decided to try giving her a little bath in the sink. She was pretty good but not exactly excited to get into the water. Here is me trying to get her in. 

 Here is Darcy taking a little nap with me. She sleeps lots and lots.

 And here is our finished table, and the chair we bought for 3 dollars at DI. As you can see i still haven't finished all the picture frames and stuff on the wall yet. I also really hope we can get a new rug. Like a gray one?

and.. a closeup of the chair.