Saturday, January 23, 2016

300th Post.

This is my 300th post!

And its nothing special.... just the past couple days.

Oliver loves to clean.

He often requests a paper towel with cleaner on it and then goes around wiping things, like the floor, chads desk, shoes......

Even though I don't sweep (I use a little bare-floor vacuum we got on Back Friday for $12, which I love with all my heart) Oliver likes to sweep.

Action shot.

I also picked up a glass table at the thrift store for $8 for my "office". Chad has his own room for his office and I knew I needed an area for my craft/important paper stuff so I decided to make our bedroom closet into my office because it is nice a bright and I actually like the idea of closing it off.

So anyways, I originally thought to paint it gold, but I thought that would look dated quickly so I went with rose gold/copper. And I love it.

So here it is... so far... I still have a bunch I want to do. I did just make that chicken wire frame thing today which I think turned out really cool. I wasn't planning on having any blues in my office (just pink, rose gold, white, and grey) since I use it everywhere.. but I kind of like it...

While I was in the painting mode I repainted this old guy.... After I first painted him I didn't like it, it was too like... moroccan? So now he's rose gold and holds all our cords, router, and outdated 90's sound system. 

And lastly some Darcy pictures, which turned into some upset Oliver pictures then some Oliver bothering Darcy pictures.