Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'd buy a big house where we both could live.

Oliver is officially 4 months!!

I just love him, he is getting more and more adorable every day. A few things about him....

Drools all. the. time. 

Has rolled over from tummy to back 5 times since 3 and a half months. 

Tries to put everything in his mouth.

Falls asleep at 7, 7:30pm and has started waking up at 5am these past couple days instead of his usual 7 or 8am. I'm trying to adjust.. :(

Wears size 9 month clothes.

He also likes laying on his side, and playing with toys! I love that he is starting to play and grabs for everything. I'm really looking forward to when we can actually play together!

Always putting things in his mouth...

Even his hair is cute..

Such a cutie pants!

I know I'm not the only one.

This is my late Christmas and New Years post!

On Christmas Eve we made gingerbread houses....Here is Chad and My gingerbread house...

Kasey and Andreas
 And.. Jordan and Rachels...

Happy Kasey and unhappy Oliver christmas tree pictures. 

 And.. here is New Years....

Jordan partied a little too hard.

We also got to celebrate the new years eve elf with chad's family. I guess my shoe wasn't cool enough to be included in chad's shoe picture with him and oliver. 

 And Oliver got excited for the new years too!

We also took some family pictures.. here are some outtakes.

And this is the picture which cut off jordan, and chad made us all hold our favorite Christmas present.

The cool siblings in their graphic T's