Sunday, April 12, 2015

White picket fence house on this dirt.

Well Easter came and went! We dyed lots of eggs and then played egg olympics. Andre won the 2015 egg olympics with chad and Rachel podium finishing. 

Just chad and oliver being the most adorable friends ever. 

Right back where we started from.

Oliver is just about 7 months old! 

He is a very funny boy and he loves to smile.
He is super wiggly and can turn around, pull himself up onto things, and wants to crawl real badly. 
Loves loves loves food. 
Just the cutest little guy. 

All the snow is melted from the front yard and its been so exciting to go outside. So looking forward to real summer!


 Its been very warm outside but it was later in the evening when we went out and the wind would blow a little and Oliver would do the cutest little shivers, this is the end of one. Then we got him a sweater.

I looked out the window and what did i see...

So Andre had a big day, he was baptized a couple weeks ago! Here are some fun fun pictures.