Monday, August 31, 2015

Pauses then says, you're my best friend.

Well... last week we went to Indianapolis and back for a big parr get together. It was Mckensie's birthday and baptism and the first time in about 5  years that all the parr kids were together.  It was pretty fun although I am not driving anywhere over an hour for a very very long time. I really liked getting to see Oliver with all his cousins and he did better then I thought he would. Now all he needs to do is go see his other cousins on the Tait side! Especially since he just got a brand new cousin a couple weeks ago!

We went to a very pretty park and got family photos taken. I took a couple pictures, but you know its awkward to to take pictures when you have a photographer doing it so.... haha.

We also went to the Indianapolis speed way, walked through the museum and rode a bus on the track.

Super fun day, we rented these bike things and rode around the canal downtown. Such a pretty downtown, I could go back there... right now.

Love Bridgers face in this one....

And kasey's in this one....

And Mckensies in this one...I think everyone was a pretty excited.

Loved this spot!

 On another day we went hiking and some people went kayaking.

This is Jordan's future album cover photo.

Love this one of oliver... cutie pants.

And lastly... the big day... baptism day.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

like a small boat on the ocean, sending big waves into motion.

Surprise, we went to Toronto and Niagra Falls last week! Rachel and Becky didn't tell us where we were going until the morning of and then we had to hurry and pack our bags to catch our flight. It was a lot of fun and we got to do a lot of new cool things. 

Waiting for our flight. Oliver was too busy for pictures. 

cool kids selfie. 

Oliver was a pretty great kid the whole trip. Here he is putting himself to sleep for the night.

Probably tied for my favorite thing we did on the trip was Casa Loma. I loved it. It was beautiful.

In the fancy stables.

We also went to the zoo. 

Love this picture.

My other tied for favorite thing was the CN Tower. It is soooo tall. At the very end of the blog there is a time laps video of us going down the elevator. 

Chads favorite part of the trip was dinosaur mini golf. Ryan won, and then I got second, then chad, kasey, Jordan.

Then of course Niagara Falls was cool too! The best part was going under the falls where you go through these tunnels that are behind the falls and there are these spots where you can come out and see the backside of it. One part you are come out super close and the water and wind is crazy its like your in a storm.