Friday, January 11, 2013

Now is all we really ever have.

So.... this pretty much sums up my past couple days......

Besides trying to figure out how to get our new buffet to our apartment and becoming depressed with the fact that I definitely need a truck, my days off have been pretty nice and relaxing. I cleaned the entire apartment on wednesday and then had nothing to really do these past days since. haha. I also found out i have Sunday off so that makes my little work break a 5 day break. Im thinking about cleaning the oven tomorrow?

I did buy this cute little suitcase at Porters, ok kasey maybe things aren't as expensive as I thought they were there : ), They were having a sale on scrapbook paper so i bought some paper that im going to modge podge into the inside as a pretty lining. I like the white on the outside but im thinking I might stencil a design or quote or something on the top in black or something...?

And tomorrow we plan to do laundry and go to hidden treasurers which will hopefully cheer me up from my lack of buffet.