Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This computer is down

So I finally got my buffet/dresser home! I lovvve it. Our living room finally looks like we are living there. Before our tv was on a tiny side table and the xbox and stuff were on the floor.. Cords were every where. It was ugly. So here are some picturessss!

These are the before.... Darcy wanted to be a part of the pictures.

I took out the drawers and painted them first...

Then i painted the actual buffet and this time unlike other projects i've painted i tried to be very patient and take my time so it would turn out beautiful. It was difficult. :)

And here it is all finished! Well... almost. The bottom right drawer didn't have a handle and the front of it has fallen off. That'll be fixed soon. And the top of it we decided to leave the original wood, it was chads clever idea, and I plan to stain it a darker brown but it'll still have the wood grains and stuff. But yeah.. !

I also lined every drawer with this newspaper book stuff that was wrapping paper i bought from target for a dollar a couple months ago. I thought it was adorable so i had to buy it and knew i'd find something for it eventually.

Here some decorations... I repainted the bird cage that use to be a bright blue.. and the bottle is a sparkling cider bottle chad was keeping in the craft room that i painted. The owl is a candle i bought a chapters in canada during christmas, and the little case he is in was actually once part of a gold clock. 

Here is kitty wanting to be in the pictures. 

And that is how i spent my nights after work for the past week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

But i keep on falling for you, time after time.

So on new years chad and i wrote resolutions together and individual that we are going to work on for 2013.  I printed it off and then framed it. Its now hanging up all cute in our room. Soo far we've been pretty good with our goals..for the most part. : )

I've also been listening to Keshas new cd more and have begun to really like it. Here is my Favorite song from the cd... Its a slow one.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

See your kiss is like a lost ghost, only i would know.

This is just a little video i was reminded about that i saw in college a year or two ago. Thought i'd share. I think it is Hilarious...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Now is all we really ever have.

So.... this pretty much sums up my past couple days......

Besides trying to figure out how to get our new buffet to our apartment and becoming depressed with the fact that I definitely need a truck, my days off have been pretty nice and relaxing. I cleaned the entire apartment on wednesday and then had nothing to really do these past days since. haha. I also found out i have Sunday off so that makes my little work break a 5 day break. Im thinking about cleaning the oven tomorrow?

I did buy this cute little suitcase at Porters, ok kasey maybe things aren't as expensive as I thought they were there : ), They were having a sale on scrapbook paper so i bought some paper that im going to modge podge into the inside as a pretty lining. I like the white on the outside but im thinking I might stencil a design or quote or something on the top in black or something...?

And tomorrow we plan to do laundry and go to hidden treasurers which will hopefully cheer me up from my lack of buffet. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

It's for the best

Happy late New Years! Happily i didn't have to work so chad and i had a little house marathon baked some cookies, drank kool aid, and ate some pizza. It was pretty good. We also wrote out new years resolutions together which im doing something cute with that i'll post about once im finished :)

I also printed off about 100 pictures to catch up my photo album to this year! When i was putting them into the album i realized there are a lot of darcy. haha.

Lately i've been wanting to change our living room around. Since we've moved our tv has been on a little side table thing which is not the prettiest. The cords are all showing and stuff which is not my favorite. Sooo.. i had been seeing on pinterest a lot of people putting their tvs on these big/long dresser like things. I eventually found out that this thing is called a buffet. I've been searching craiglist and trying to get to di to find a cheap one that i could repaint and didn't have any luck. So today chad was going to rexburg while i was at work and i told him if he found one that i would like that was cheap he should buy it. And he did! We went after work to go take a look at it and i am quite excited about it. Chad picked a good one. But... it doesn't fit in our car. So we have to figure that out. I think it'll fit in the pruis we just need to try again. So we plan to bring blacky and the pruis to rexburg on wednesday to figure out how to get it here. 

And I only work Sunday through Tuesday so i'll have all next week to work on it!

Also.. i found some frames i really want to buy for the living room as well,which i plan to buy 3 of. But they are from ikea and i can't buy them online so i'll either wait till we go to salt lake some day orrr find something similar online.