Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Return to the wild.

For memorial day we went to the zoo with our buddys kim and zack. Here are a bunch of pictures! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You torched a saab like a pile of leaves

This is a post for sunday. Sunday was a good day. It was about 86 degrees so i really wanted to get outside somewhere. We went to our old favorite park that we went to back in october its was much nicer this time since it wasn't so cold. I wanted to pack a picnic but we didn't really have picnic food so i made a pot of noodles and we brought that and some cookies. It was lots of fun we are looking forward to going back and instead of sitting by the lake we might hike up to the top of some very large hills. : )

We had to pass the windmills of course. Which i love! We found a dirt road that drove right up to one. They are so big its scary. And majestic. 

Heres chad right next to one looking tiny. 

A pruis picture. 

Here is a close up sand/rock and lake picture. 

Sunny and warm : )

 Our yummy noodles. 

hungry chad

 And we also planted some cat grass i got from the parrs for my birthday and this is what it looked like after taking it out of the dark place it was in for a couple days. We put it in the sun and now its nice a green and normal looking. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Every thing is fine when you're standing in the eye of the hurricane.

I had the weekend off and we actually ended up doing quite a lot of things! 

Firstly here are some late birthday pictures from my birthday package from chads family that i llooved! They got me tons of things from HomeSense one of my favorite stores in the world. My favorite gift was a set of rustic decorative keys. I've always wanted some : )

Heres me creepily ready to open my presents. 

Even the inside of the box was pretty. 

So to start the weekend i woke up super early to get ready to go to the white place flea market!! I've gone to the past 3 and this was going to be my last chance to go before we move. I did not buy anything which i didn't plan to because its quite heart breaking thinking about everything i already have that im going to have to get rid of when we move. But i loved looking around. Alsooo.. i won a door prize! We walked in and they said... you won! I got a candle and a spoon bracelet.

After the flea market we picked up barbara and went to di (of course) and some other little places with her before coming back to idaho falls. At the flea market i got super excited for crafts and saw some gold mason jars with glitter on the bottom. I've seen them on pinterest before but seeing them in person made them even cooler. So i went to di and bought some ultra cheap mason jars. And then some really pretty gold spray paint. (which finding a nice matte gold spray paint is a lot harder then you'd think. Mostly they just have ultra metallic gold)

It turned out to be one of the crafts you think will be easy and then nothing quite goes the way it should. 

Here they are outside right after spray painting.. they were beautiful. I loved them. 

Then i brought them inside to put tape around the bottom to make an even line for the gold glitter. But when i pulled the tape off the paint came right off too. It was so ruined i just pulled all the paint off. As you can see below. Real dumb. So i got creative and put a layer of modge podge on them hoping that would make it stronger.. which it did but then it looked super streaky and gave it an ugly color. So i spray painted again over the modge podge layer and called it good. 

They turned out pretty and not as scratchable but still not reliable enough to try glittering the bottom : (

And now my desk! I love love how it turned out. I found out glass is horrible to paint but furniture is still nice to me. I taped it up and spray painted and everything went smoothly and happily. I also gave the whole desk another coat of its original color. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shoot me with your bullet, bullet, bullet.

Well here is my Birthday Post!!! Chad tempted me into opening my presents the night before my birthday but he had everything decorated and presents wrapped so it was hard to resist. : ) He bought me some super duper cute things including a new cat book and perfume. 

Here are some pictures! 

 im not a big cake fan so chad got me some pecan pie. It was delish.

Here's some decorations.. lots of confetti 

 Balloons hung from the ceiling...

A party dinosaur 
 More party dinosaur

Barbara came over for my little party. 

She made gooey brownies. Made with apple sauce. 

 Just me. 

A little bit of chad and i.