Thursday, July 26, 2012

Turn up the volume.

I've been looking for apartments and found these two on craigslist that i love. The first link is of a cute house that would be my first choice, but im pretty sure city utilities are not included so even though its cheaper it might not be after our utilities bill. But i love it. The second one is also cute and is a lot like the apartment we have now. So its cool.

So i mentioned that i had a big furniture painting project i was working on. here are a couple pictures to see what its like. I'll post a blog just for it once im done.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is a 512 K

We are college graduates!! I was glad my parents could come up to see me graduate. Also, surprisingly chad parr decided to show up as well. Its been great being done, i feel like i could do whatever i wanted right now, like road trip to salt lake, which is what we did yesterday! Or start a big furniture painting project, which is also what im in the middle of, or start of. Its great.

Here are some of my favorite graduation pictures!

While my parents were here we brought them to the Teton Dam. Chad made us go look inside of this potato field that was there as well. It was creepy. I don't like those things. 

 Here is the inside... gross.

We also took a quick trip to salt lake because scotty was here in rexburg for a visit and instead of him going on the salt lake express we offered to give him a ride. We also got to go to Ikea, and see chads brother and his wife. It was a fun trip.

We bought this cage for when we had planned to drive to canada during this time. But we ended up not being able to go to canada. We had to take the cats out of our apartment since people were coming to check on it so we decided to bring them along too. Darcy was good and slept most of the way. Kitty whined for a majority of the drive. It was annoying im glad we weren't driving all the way to canada with her. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A pizza from the store.

5 Days till Graduation!!!! Chad's been studying a lot and i am just about finished with my giant paper for my sociology class. I just have to write a couple more papers and take some chapter quizzes and i'll be all set to graduate. 

My friend Jaime Comer stopped by rexburg the other day on her way to the MTC. We all went out to eat at JB's. I was really glad i got to see her before she left. She seems very excited about her mission, i hope she has fun. 

So today we went to go drive to the civil defense caves because neither of us have been there. We didn't end up making it there because there was a giant puddle in the middle of the dirt road so we had to turn around. But we stopped a couple places so i could take some pictures. 

I know i know, i've been taking a lot of "car" pictures. I just love our little car!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why don't you tell her to go out to dinner with you?

I've been spray painting things again. I still had left over blue and white.

For this one i bought sticks and a glass vase at the dollar store. I really really like how this one turned out.

And this one is a find from DI. I think the candle stick holder is cute, and Beethoven was pretty cool too. I ended up deciding i liked the gold on the candle stick so i didn't spray paint it. But Beethoven was spray painted blue. I have no where to put these yet.. but eventually they'll go on my desk or something like that perhaps.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Its been hot hot. During winter i always think how i want to live some where hot and be happy, but it only gets into the 90s here and im dying. I don't think i can live somewhere hot. haha.

We brought kitty outside today and she wasn't too happy about it. I think she felt too scared. She whined and whined shes so funny. Darcy liked it, but we didn't stay too long. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why not?

Fantastic news. I got a Nikon D300 for graduation. This camera has been my dream camera since like the beginning of college. And now i own one. Its crazy.. i still can't believe it. We drove around Idaho Falls so i could try it out a little at the friendship garden we went to back when we were first married (i tried to find the previous post about it, but it is lost?). When we got home i was all excited to edit my pictures like i always do, but then looking through them they all looked just fine without editing. haha. Editing them would make them look too bright and high contrast. My new camera just has soo much more quality then my old D50 its ridiculous :) Heres some pictures!

This is it.. instagramed of course. 

 Not very many pictures i know. Im going to take more soon. I also want to take comparing pictures with my d50 and d300 of the same thing so i can show the difference between to two. I think that would be cool. But.. that'll happen eventually. haha.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

she's probably going to die.

Well.. we finally bought a new car! Its a 2012  Pruis C and i love it. We drove to the Tetom Dam just so we could drive around in it for a little while. Its just the best.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thats why i didn't expect anything.

Lots of stuff has happened that i haven't yet posted about. So here is my big everything thats been going on post......

Chad parr got a JOB! Its a psr job and he's rather excited about it. Im glad he was able to find a psychology job that he will enjoy and so quickly. Im real happy for him!

Darcy got spayed... sad. I had to pick her up and she was all sleepy and not moving. When we got home we had to take off this little bandage she had on her wrist and underneath there is a little shaved part on her arm for the iv. It looks all sad. Also of course her whole belly is shaved and has a big cut with stitches on it. At first darcy really wanted to lick it but she's not allowed to so that was tough. Now its been 2 days and she is very much herself running around trying to jump up places (which she is not suppose to do until 4 days, shes a baddy). Another sad thing was that we couldn't give her food or water for about 24 hours which made us feel bad. Chad told me when he gave her food the next morning she gobbled it right up. Here she is taking a nap today. You can see her little shaved belly.

 And i thought i should also include one of kitty. She's sleeping right now as well.

Also I went to that white place flea market and bought this desk! The picture doesn't give it justice. The white knobs have little crowns on them its cute. And it was only 45$. I decide to put it up stairs in our room since there aren't any places downstairs for it and chad didn't like that idea. He wants it down stairs so it can be seen. I told him that other rooms should try and be pretty too.

 And remember this old kitty litter table i spray painted red earlier? I didn't like the color, I let chad pick it out :), so i tried painting it silver and i like it a lot better. You can see that the paint isn't quite even. Thats because i ran out. I'll have to finish it after we go to idaho falls and i can get more spray paint.

We also found this little book shelf at di for chads paper back books (he buys like 3 every time we go to di, i think he likes di more then me now). It was an ugly brown so i spray painted it silver. I like it. Chads still in the process of picking which books go on it or not.