Sunday, October 28, 2012

My dreams they are just empty

The other day we took a trip to the animal shelter and they had more adorable kittens... they always do...i finally brought my camera to take a couple pictures! Here they are... 

Also chad and kasey found out about this survey calling job for Romney that pays $10 an hour. Its not like a legit job with certain hours, you just go in for as many hours as you want and such..So on Saturday chad went to rexburg and they called for 7 hours. He wanted to do this so he could go on a little shopping spree. I didn't do it because i went to my friends baby shower.. and that kind of survey calling stuff makes me very stressed and nervous. So chad came home and we went to the mall and he bought some gloves he saw that he really wanted and.. he bought me some perfume! It wasn't just any perfume.. i've been wanting this stuff for like months and months. Every time we go to the mall we stop in there and i spray some.. I really love it. Chads a nicey and told me i had to get it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broken down like a mirror smashed to pieces..

Last night i made some hot caramel apples in the crock-pot using this recipe. And.. i loved them. I think i cooked mine a little longer then the recipe said to but i liked it extra soft. Next time i might use caramel syrup instead of actual caramels because the caramels got hard again after taking them out of the crock-pot. But altogether i really liked these.. even had one for breakfast this morning : )

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin size bed

I love fall and winter because of all the exciting holidays.. and for the pretty colors outside, which includes white when snow covers every thing. And today was the first day of snow here! It stopped after a little and then melted very quickly, but still.. it was exciting.

Also kasey chad and i carved pumpkins this past weekend. They were both pretty much pros. I've always just done triangle eye plain pumpkin carving my whole life. I looked for some old pictures and here are two....

This ones from 2007, ben is pretty good at posing.

And this ones from last year (2011), Chad stepped on it before i could get a picture of it....

And here is this years! It goes in order from left to right of chad, kasey, and mine.

And... one of my favorite parts of pumkin carving is baking pumpkin seeds afterwards! I cooked mine a little bit too long this time but they are still pretty good.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Your soul is like a secret that i never could keep.

Today we went to place called Ririe Reservoir.. its in Tex Creek wildlife management area. Its about 20 mins or so from our house. I found it on this website which has a bunch of other places i want to try going to another time. It was pretty cool. And an unexpected cool part was seeing the windmills up close. We can see them from in town and i've always wanted to drive till i got to them. The road that brought us to the reservoir went right next to them. Once we got to the reservoir we went on a little hike towards the beach area and hung out for a little it was fun. I'd want to go back some time and have a fire. So.. here are a Bunch of pictures!......

And lastly.. here is chad and i trying to take a picture.. chad almost always has a little trouble with this. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catching tear drops in my hands. Only silence as its ending. Like we never had a chance.

So today i had a little craft day with myself and the final season of one tree hill. One tree hill was a high school drama show i started when i was 14 years old. I finally got around to watching the final season that came out this past April. It was dramatic. I cried. It was good... but anyways, while watching it i made these little things. I had been saving these jars for a little while now and finally thought of something to do with them...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cause you're beautiful.. drop dead.

A couple things to mention from over the past week:

Kasey stayed with us over the weekend it was fun! I fell in love with a dog named Watson while we were at the animal shelter. 

I had my first etsy sale! I mailed it off yesterday. Going to to post office made me realize that i had to raise the price for shipping on these vase and branches things im trying to sell because they are much to big to fit in any of the cheap flat rate boxes. The only box they'll fit in is called the game board box (which they don't sell in stores so i ordered some for free online, should be at my house in 7 days) and those cost $15.34 to ship. So pretty sad that it'll cost more then what im trying to sell them for. haha. 

Yesterday i made soup from scratch for the first time in my life. It was a chicken enchilada soup, recipe found here, and it was actually pretty good. We added sour cream and cheese on top which was delicious.  Next time i'd make it less thick.. more milk?.. and probably 1/4 less of each of the chunky ingredients. I like soups more brothy then thick. 

And here is a blurry photo i took the other day while chad and i drove to walmart to pick up my new favorite treat, cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls. This picture just gets me excited because i think about winter and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming up soon! Also.. i just thought about how odd it is that all those big holidays are grouped together so closely? Strange. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Probably blunt force trauma.

I forgot that i was going to post the Christmas names for the Parr family Christmas. Every year they draw names for who gets who a present. Chad and i were on skype while the names were drawn and i wrote them all down. Here they are!

Tell me about star wars.

Last week there was a 50% off clearance at forever 21 and i got very excited and ordered 7 things for $25. Today it came in the mail and i was surprised because it was a very little package. Inside there were only 3 shirts. I was very disappointed. They did only charge me for the 3 things but it was still upset. I called them  and they told me sorry and that the other things sold out and that i should have got an email about it. I did not. And it made me upset because there was even a second 50% off sale that i could have ordered other clothes if i had just known that those things were sold out after ordering them. But anyways...

I finally bought white wrapping paper for the background of my etsy pictures and posted two things in my esty store. {}

Lately kitty knows that when we pick up the keys we are going to open the front door and she gets all excited and meows lots and jumps around the door. She reminds me of a dog a lot. There has been a couple times shes ran out the door and almost runs away from us. We decided to put her on the leash and take her to the park today. She was scared and just rolled around a first but then she started running and chad ran with her across this field that was like the width of a foot ball field. It was soo funny to watch. 

I think this is a really cute one of kitty laying down with a little leaf.

Here's kitty trying to run into the bushes. 

This is when we were leaving. It makes me laugh she looks mean and grumpy. You can also see how she has lots of grass and stuff all over her from rolling around.

And here is me and kitty! It was super sunny but rather cold. Its starting to feel like winter!