Tuesday, October 23, 2012

used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin size bed

I love fall and winter because of all the exciting holidays.. and for the pretty colors outside, which includes white when snow covers every thing. And today was the first day of snow here! It stopped after a little and then melted very quickly, but still.. it was exciting.

Also kasey chad and i carved pumpkins this past weekend. They were both pretty much pros. I've always just done triangle eye plain pumpkin carving my whole life. I looked for some old pictures and here are two....

This ones from 2007, ben is pretty good at posing.

And this ones from last year (2011), Chad stepped on it before i could get a picture of it....

And here is this years! It goes in order from left to right of chad, kasey, and mine.

And... one of my favorite parts of pumkin carving is baking pumpkin seeds afterwards! I cooked mine a little bit too long this time but they are still pretty good.


  1. Ben has a matching frown! He is do cute!

  2. Totally a Taylor Swift quote! what!