Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thats why i didn't expect anything.

Lots of stuff has happened that i haven't yet posted about. So here is my big everything thats been going on post......

Chad parr got a JOB! Its a psr job and he's rather excited about it. Im glad he was able to find a psychology job that he will enjoy and so quickly. Im real happy for him!

Darcy got spayed... sad. I had to pick her up and she was all sleepy and not moving. When we got home we had to take off this little bandage she had on her wrist and underneath there is a little shaved part on her arm for the iv. It looks all sad. Also of course her whole belly is shaved and has a big cut with stitches on it. At first darcy really wanted to lick it but she's not allowed to so that was tough. Now its been 2 days and she is very much herself running around trying to jump up places (which she is not suppose to do until 4 days, shes a baddy). Another sad thing was that we couldn't give her food or water for about 24 hours which made us feel bad. Chad told me when he gave her food the next morning she gobbled it right up. Here she is taking a nap today. You can see her little shaved belly.

 And i thought i should also include one of kitty. She's sleeping right now as well.

Also I went to that white place flea market and bought this desk! The picture doesn't give it justice. The white knobs have little crowns on them its cute. And it was only 45$. I decide to put it up stairs in our room since there aren't any places downstairs for it and chad didn't like that idea. He wants it down stairs so it can be seen. I told him that other rooms should try and be pretty too.

 And remember this old kitty litter table i spray painted red earlier? I didn't like the color, I let chad pick it out :), so i tried painting it silver and i like it a lot better. You can see that the paint isn't quite even. Thats because i ran out. I'll have to finish it after we go to idaho falls and i can get more spray paint.

We also found this little book shelf at di for chads paper back books (he buys like 3 every time we go to di, i think he likes di more then me now). It was an ugly brown so i spray painted it silver. I like it. Chads still in the process of picking which books go on it or not.