Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Every where? Every where

Today was my day off from work and so we went to see the Avengers. It was much better then i thought it was going to be. The trailers looked silly like there were giant monsters and the Avengers consisted of little wimpy humans who shouldn't (but would) be able to bet the bad guys. Well... it was still a little like that. But not as bad as i thought. I loved that parts with iron man. I think if he wasn't in it i wouldn't have cared for it much at all.  There was one part about it that was annoying. (Spoiler) The hulk is in it and there is a scene were he can not control himself. He goes crazy... But then, the next scene we see him in he rides up fine as his human self and then right when they need him he turns into the hulk and for the rest of the movie controls himself perfectly. Saving people, killing only bad guys.. and it doesn't explain how he all of a sudden was able to control himself perfectly....?

Anyways.. good times with chad p and no work!