Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Probably blunt force trauma.

I forgot that i was going to post the Christmas names for the Parr family Christmas. Every year they draw names for who gets who a present. Chad and i were on skype while the names were drawn and i wrote them all down. Here they are!

Tell me about star wars.

Last week there was a 50% off clearance at forever 21 and i got very excited and ordered 7 things for $25. Today it came in the mail and i was surprised because it was a very little package. Inside there were only 3 shirts. I was very disappointed. They did only charge me for the 3 things but it was still upset. I called them  and they told me sorry and that the other things sold out and that i should have got an email about it. I did not. And it made me upset because there was even a second 50% off sale that i could have ordered other clothes if i had just known that those things were sold out after ordering them. But anyways...

I finally bought white wrapping paper for the background of my etsy pictures and posted two things in my esty store. {}

Lately kitty knows that when we pick up the keys we are going to open the front door and she gets all excited and meows lots and jumps around the door. She reminds me of a dog a lot. There has been a couple times shes ran out the door and almost runs away from us. We decided to put her on the leash and take her to the park today. She was scared and just rolled around a first but then she started running and chad ran with her across this field that was like the width of a foot ball field. It was soo funny to watch. 

I think this is a really cute one of kitty laying down with a little leaf.

Here's kitty trying to run into the bushes. 

This is when we were leaving. It makes me laugh she looks mean and grumpy. You can also see how she has lots of grass and stuff all over her from rolling around.

And here is me and kitty! It was super sunny but rather cold. Its starting to feel like winter!