Sunday, December 8, 2013

I didn't think I missed you. Now I'm feeling like a fool.

Well it's been awhile i know. I'll try harder? We've been a bit busy with work school and fun. We took a little weekend trip to canada the other week it was lots of fun. We plan to go back again for some fun Christmas lights in Duluth in a week or two. And then we head to Texas for Christmas. So lots of fun planned.

Annnnd we had some fun yesterday. We had a Christmas Day planned and called it festive Friday. Here's some pictures.....

This is at the mall of America. Lots of lights and prettyness.

And of course we went to Panda Express there. 

I've been thinking the reason I don't post as much lately is because our apartment is very very dark unlike our last apartment that had tons of light and so all my pictures don't look quite nice. :( so that leaves me with my Instagram picture which isn't my favorite to blog with since they aren't like new pictures? Anyways tough life. 

I wrote this on my phone btw. We will see how that worked out.?