Thursday, November 14, 2013

jays on my feet... so get like me.

So some good stuff has happened lately. 

I got a job. Not the funnest thing.. but im excited to get some money. Its a seasonal night shift job at target. unloading the old trucks. Its like a legit night shift from 11pm to 6:30am so hopefully i can survive. I seriously plan.. or hope to plan, to only work here until January. But that's how shopko was too so we will see : )

I forgot to post that we went to the science museum the other week. The special exhibit was the Mayas, it was very fun.  Here is chad at one of the designated picture taking spots, which they suggest you post on twitter or facebook.... 

And then chads family came down to Minneapolis for two days for the hockey game. I really liked it. I had never watched a hockey game live or even a whole game on tv actually and i was very surprised. It reaffirmed my opinion that football is the absolute most boring sport to watch.

Here is chad and Jordan posing at the fancy hotel.

Kasey and chad in conversation and Andre in deep thought.

At the Game

Annnnd me.

And lastly i've been trying to find cool cheap posters on etsy because i bought an empty frame and wanted something for the entry way that wasn't just a photo. Everything i saw i thought i could just make myself. So i downloaded adobe illustrator and am in love. Im only on the 30 day trial but think i'll have to continue. Here are two posters i made.