Monday, January 6, 2014

Oh i am lost and found.

Here is an overload of pictures from our Christmas trip to Texas! There are lots and im tired so i'll only write a little bit?...

First is Christmas eve. They day we got there and opened presents. 

Some fun swimming time.

Some, infront of the house photos.

My dad wanted his little photo shoot. He even insisted on his own props, the bald of grass in his mouth.. ?.

 On our way to santa town. It pretty much a little texan town where you can buy foods and drinks, and then wait in two huge lines, either for the hay ride or the petting zoo. we waited for the hay ride and it took like 2 hours or more. Then you go through a trail of chirstmas lights. It was very impressive.

To get to santa town you park at a speed way and a bus picks you up. Being on the speedway was probably the best part of santa town for chad. He ran out onto the speedway, i was too scared to go with him :)

My dad wanted to copy chad and insisted on his picture with the green lights too.

And.. we went to the museum.

This is a giant sloth. And chad.

We also went to a boardwalk, walked around, fed some stingrays, and played some games where we won a total of 6 prizes. It was the luckiest day ever.

Lastly.. we went to NASA. This first picture is of mission control. Legit mission control.