Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you grin inside? You're killing me.

We are home again! There were some great silly things that happened on our way home, most of which were my fault. First we weren't going to get to go through security because my name didn't match my ticket, the lady finally changed it for us, then we found out our flight was delayed causing us to miss all our connecting flights. So they paid for a hotel and $27 to eat out at the out back stake house. Our flight was the next morning at 6:45am.. my phone decided to switch pm and am around so when my 5am alarm was suppose to go off it didn't because my phone thought it was 5pm... So we missed our flight. We waited in the Duluth airport for 6 hours for the next flight. Once we got to idaho falls the Salt lake express bus was of course late. I called up to ask them when they'd finally get there and they said in a few minutes (it came about 20 minutes late). I decided to go to the bathroom because they were taking so long and once i came back they were there hurrying us onto the bus. I forgot my purse. It had both our passports, marriage certificate, license, credit and debit card, ipod touch, and my slr camera.  We drove back the next morning and thankfully they had it and everything was in it. But yeah, pretty stressful trip home for me. haha. 

Anyways, here are some pictures of the bay in Duluth that we stopped at before going to the airport. It was very pretty there.

Here's chad and Jordan

Here is a picture I took that I tried editing a little differently and i think i really like it. 
 Kasey and Jordan next to the ducks. 

And some nature ones....

And this is a very cool bridge that connects a little island and goes up and down for boats to go through. We walked underneath it when the cars drove by and it was loud and scary. 

Also while we were in the Minneapolis Airport we got to eat our favorite bourbon chicken at Wok and Roll! In the picture its the chicken on the right.. chad tried this new bbq chicken, on the left, and it was awful.