Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And you put your arm around me for the first time.

I've finally finished my dresser. Im very glad im done with it. It was starting to drive me crazy. Lots of problems came up with this dresser and money wise it ended up much more then planned. But i learned a lot of things for next time, which wont be for awhile! 

So i had taken picture of all the steps it look like filling in chips with plastic wood, sanding things down, and primering, but it appears i deleted my memory card before uploading them onto my computer. :( oh well. They were boring pictures anyways. But here are some things I learned that i must remember for next time....

1. It might not be worth it to buy a piece of furniture if there are lots of chips and holes. You can see in the after picture how there are still bumps and chips on the drawers and top. I used plastic wood and sanded as much as i could but i didn't quite get the hang of how plastic wood worked until it was a little too late.

2. I am no good at spray painting anything wider then 4 inches! I first tried spray painting this dresser. All the blogs say its the best. I just about went crazy! No matter what i did it always looked stripey or blotchy. I even googled youtube videos on how to make it even but i could not get it right. So after buying about 4 bottles of spray paint (one blog said the stripes would go away after you put enough paint on.. lie) i decided to go back to good old paint. Although this leaves brush marks (I could try using a roller instead) it at least gives an even look.

3. Make sure colors go well together before buying. After the spray paint didn't work we went and bought paint: Grape Festival. I loved it. After painting the frame i went to paint the drawers that still had the spray paint color on them. Chad and i both thought the two colors looked really well together and we wanted to leave it. BUT, because they were spray painted they were all blotchy and gross looking, like you can see in this picture. So we went to walmart to look at the clearance paints to see if there was anything good we could paint the drawers. Below is the paint we found which we thought was a grey that could look pretty. When i got it home and started painting the drawers it looked awful. It was more of a light blue/white then a grey. So i ended up just painting the drawers the same Grape Festival color as the rest of the dresser. And that is how the dresser ended up the color it is now.

Yep! And now im excited to not paint anything for a long time!