Sunday, January 31, 2016

my momma don't like you and she likes everyone

We made play-dough. Oliver loved it. I came back to take a picture of him and he did this adorable little pose. 

But the magic of play-dough has already worn down. I really need to get some food dye, maybe that will up the game again. Although his favorite thing right now is to play with water in a million measuring cups, pots, and pans. It was a mistake I made once and now from an hour after waking up to right before bed he finds whatever container he can and goes the the kitchen whining for me to fill it up with water. Now all I do throughout the day is clean up water puddles, rinse almost clean dishes, and change olivers wet clothes. I hope he finds a new game soon.

On a happier note. You may have already known that I stopped eating meat... mostly... back in September I watched a farm animal cruelty video that made me want to do something. To be real legit I understand that I would have to also not eat eggs, diary, ect. but at least I'm doing something, right? I still haven't found a local meat supplier with legitimate free range meat and eggs that I want to start buying from (there are a ton here btw) so instead I have yet to cook any meat in our house.

But I love meat and miss it so when I saw this brand on sale at cub foods for just $3ish I bought it. I love it, chad loves it. The other day I gave chad some choices for dinner and he said, can't we have those burgers again.. so they are legit. I do cook them on a cast iron griddle skillet which I think adds to their crisp and flavor. So if you decide to make them, do that for sure.

Morning star is the other brand I have tried, which Burger King carries, and I thought it was really gross. btw

I am really excited to find some more nonmeat meat to try out. Does anyone one know of any stores that carry a variety but don't over charge?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

300th Post.

This is my 300th post!

And its nothing special.... just the past couple days.

Oliver loves to clean.

He often requests a paper towel with cleaner on it and then goes around wiping things, like the floor, chads desk, shoes......

Even though I don't sweep (I use a little bare-floor vacuum we got on Back Friday for $12, which I love with all my heart) Oliver likes to sweep.

Action shot.

I also picked up a glass table at the thrift store for $8 for my "office". Chad has his own room for his office and I knew I needed an area for my craft/important paper stuff so I decided to make our bedroom closet into my office because it is nice a bright and I actually like the idea of closing it off.

So anyways, I originally thought to paint it gold, but I thought that would look dated quickly so I went with rose gold/copper. And I love it.

So here it is... so far... I still have a bunch I want to do. I did just make that chicken wire frame thing today which I think turned out really cool. I wasn't planning on having any blues in my office (just pink, rose gold, white, and grey) since I use it everywhere.. but I kind of like it...

While I was in the painting mode I repainted this old guy.... After I first painted him I didn't like it, it was too like... moroccan? So now he's rose gold and holds all our cords, router, and outdated 90's sound system. 

And lastly some Darcy pictures, which turned into some upset Oliver pictures then some Oliver bothering Darcy pictures.

Friday, January 15, 2016

I want to be like kanye

The past couple days..........

And oliver being ridiculously cute. 

We found this little bookshelf for $7 at hidden treasures on a trip across town in a search for free star wars posters (which we found over 80 of btw! Chad said it was a perfect day). It will be painted white with some wood left on it. But, sad news, my entire paint collection is gone. I left it all in the storage locker and to no surprise they where all ruined :( so I have to slowly build it back up. 

Also this was our first time buying furniture since Oliver was born and lets just say the pruis can only handle much smaller pieces now. 

Ive used my bread machine a billion times since chad got me it for Christmas and I love it.

Although I had my first bread failure today when I picked the country bread recipe instead of the express white bread one.... this is what it looked like after baking. I don't understand. 

Oliver learned the window opens which was a cold experiences which he weirdly loved and would not let me close for much longer then I wanted....

Morning time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We got to New York, everything felt right.

Have you heard of Heidi Swapp Minc Applicators? Well they are really cool. Pretty much it's a machine that lets you put gold on paper. I looked further into how it works and its just a fancy laminator that heats up the gold foil and seals it to black laser jet ink on paper. So when I found a laminator for $12 on black friday I bought it. I still don't have it working completely perfect yet. There are some black spots throughout the gold, I need to google that problem, But besides that it's really cool and I love it!

I have gold foiled two things so far.... an "&" sign and a "home sweet home" sign for the living room.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wild Horses Run Faster

Here is a little update on our new apartment. I've been taking things real slow partly because I want to, and also because Oliver wants me to do other things....anyways here is Oliver's room. 

The most exciting part about putting things together this move-in is that I have not had to buy any home things, at all. Which is pretty cool. Although I am in the market for a cute twin size fitted sheet. This room would have been perfect with Oliver's crib, but he's already grown out of it. I've decided to keep the futon in his room and use it as his bed, but the color doesn't work so I need a real cute sheet. But I have some time since he doesn't sleep in his own room yet anyways! 

So anyways, here is one half of the room. 

Chad thought of putting the bow tie on the antelope.. to make it more manly. And I love it. 

The top left frame will eventually have "Oliver" in gold letters....

This is a little nail we bought from Mount Rushmore for Oliver before he was born.

Now play time.

Doing some tricks..