Monday, January 4, 2016

Wild Horses Run Faster

Here is a little update on our new apartment. I've been taking things real slow partly because I want to, and also because Oliver wants me to do other things....anyways here is Oliver's room. 

The most exciting part about putting things together this move-in is that I have not had to buy any home things, at all. Which is pretty cool. Although I am in the market for a cute twin size fitted sheet. This room would have been perfect with Oliver's crib, but he's already grown out of it. I've decided to keep the futon in his room and use it as his bed, but the color doesn't work so I need a real cute sheet. But I have some time since he doesn't sleep in his own room yet anyways! 

So anyways, here is one half of the room. 

Chad thought of putting the bow tie on the antelope.. to make it more manly. And I love it. 

The top left frame will eventually have "Oliver" in gold letters....

This is a little nail we bought from Mount Rushmore for Oliver before he was born.

Now play time.

Doing some tricks..