Sunday, November 27, 2011

Robot learn love.

Today I made one of the recipes i found on Pinterest. It is a braided bread with spaghetti and mozzarella cheese inside. Here is the original...

And here is mine.... it was quite tasty. If i were to do it over again I think I would add more spices (i didn't include meat like the original recipe, because I don't like meat with spaghetti) and maybe some extra sauce. 
Here is what it looks like on the inside.....

And here is some more of Darcy!
She started climbing in our christmas tree. 

If you walk away i'll walk away.

As you may notice i changed my blog header for a Christmas theme. I googled vintage christmas and there are some very cute pictures. The one in my header is one of them. Another is this one to the left.

I also think its funny how since i've gotten darcy all cat things seem to be cuter then they use to be.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope you know what your doing.

Here is our results of black friday... a pretty little pre-lite Christmas tree. Its originally $39 and we got it for $20.  We also got about 5 dvds for $2 each. 

Also I finally decided how to put the picture frames (with eventual pictures inside) on the wall. Where the candle is there will be some kind of silver vase?.. something silver, when i find it. eventually. Also now that im looking im thinking the silver mirror on the left needs to go down a little bit more. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

He looks like prince charming.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is thanksgiving, chad and i stayed in town for the break. I made mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, and some ham. I wish i had taken a picture of chad's plate, he made himself  a nice frozen pizza. Im going to have a lot of yummy left overs for awhile. 
We already stopped by kmart for some early black friday deals. I got some little boots and a bright pink puffy vest. Its rather cool. 

At 10 is when Walmarts black friday deals start. Im excited to get some movies for $1.28 each. Chad is getting Battle field 3. 

Here is more of Darcy! Which by the way, we realized is a girl. So no more Mr....

We decided to try giving her a little bath in the sink. She was pretty good but not exactly excited to get into the water. Here is me trying to get her in. 

 Here is Darcy taking a little nap with me. She sleeps lots and lots.

 And here is our finished table, and the chair we bought for 3 dollars at DI. As you can see i still haven't finished all the picture frames and stuff on the wall yet. I also really hope we can get a new rug. Like a gray one?

and.. a closeup of the chair. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

no man has found pure space, nor seen the outside curtains where nothing has a place

We have a kitty!

We were in Idaho Falls at Walmart, and there was some people giving away kittens for free. We looked at them and started walking away and I was telling chad just how much I really really wanted this kitty and then he said if you want him then i'll support you. So i ran back and got him. He's tiny and adorable. His name is Mr. Darcy, or just Darcy. Heres some pictures!

He really likes chad. He always curls up with him and plays on him. Chad complains that he's too needy but i know he actually likes all the attention. 
 Here he is all tiny.

 He has our extra room all to himself. There is a nice box we left in there that provides hours of fun.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Its so much colder then i thought it would be so i tuck myself in and turn my night light on


So i found this website. It helps you create different color schemes. I think its rather handy.

Yesterday the White Place Flea Market i have been waiting for for forever (that was a lot of for's?) finally happened! It was like being in a big real life pinterest etsy shop. I brought my $27 in cash so that i wouldn't be tempted to spend any more. Chad ended up having $3 dollars in his pocket that i stole from him (actually he kindly offered, the gentleman) to use so i ended up spending my $30 and here is what i got....

3 white picture frames.....
..... and a long silver mirror
I have a plan to have it all white and silver themed on our one large wall in our dinning room/kitchen. It should be pretty... eventually.

And as you already saw in the background on the pictures above our wallpaper for our table came in! This picture makes it look less blue and the top ones make it look a little too blue. But anyways.. its blue and silver and i love it.
Today (since taking this picture) we actually wallpapered it onto the table. At our first attempt we quickly found out that we put way way too much glue. We had to start over with much less. Its all on now, no glue or air bumps. Now we are just letting it dry and then we'll cut the extra paper off the sides and then i'll take an updated picture.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I decided to post about my grandpa today. He's hand cancer for quite a few years and last night he past away. He is one of the funniest people i've known. When im old i hope im just like him. Here are some pictures of him. 

Here is when I went to stay with my grandparents for a little before going back to school. We both fell asleep on the couch and someone thought it would be funny to take a picture of us. Which now i'm kind of thankful for. 

 Here is when we went to Canada for a family reunion in 2006 i think? Here is Dapa in a train in a train museum. I like this picture because he would always talk to me about smart things like engines and science and i'd never understand what he was trying to say. I'd just listen and smile. This reminds me of all the times he did that. Which was many.

 Here are a couple pictures from when we all met up for Christmas in 2007 with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Maryland. We all went up into DC for a day. The picture of Dapa holding his cane in the air is really funny because he never used a cane and never really acted like an "old man". So its funny that he's being all old man like in the picture.

And that is my grandpa. Im really going to miss him.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This clever love wont tire.

So i know its been awhile since i last posted. ..

I got my computer cord.

My wallpaper for my table came in!

I finished the framed chalk board i was making.

We put up new Christmas lights in the kitchen.

I made some sweet and sour chicken from chad's sister jeni's recipe. It actually turned out pretty good. I had never tried anything like it before. 

I hung out with my buddy scotty. We went and took some pictures, but it was already dark outside so the pictures didn't turn out the good.

I tried a couple more dinosaur pictures but it was dark.. so they are grainy and i wasn't patient enough to focus it so sadly his head is too much out of focus on them. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The shadows of the evening fall, the night is coming on.

I tried out a pinterest recipe this morning.

Here is the original....
And here is mine.... 

Im looking forward to school being over. Only 4 or so weeks left. Then off to Canada. 

My battery charger for my computer stopped working. My computer will be dead in an hour or so. I ordered a new charger off Amazon but it wont be here till Wednesday. sad.

Chad and i are looking for a chirstmas tree. We found this super cheap one from walmart but there were some cool cheap ones at family dollar so we might look there again. 

I watched saturdays worrier today. Chad kind of watched it too. I think its a cute movie. He found it ridiculous. I wasn't surprised. 

We're listening to christmas music right now. 

I've decided Deanna Raybourne is my favorite author. Just finished reading The Dead Travel Fast, its her one book she's written that isn't in the julia grey series and it was fantastic. I'm sad and excited to read her last book in the julia greys series. We are headed to the library tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adopt children not styles

So it snowed again! But this time i think its here to stay. Perhaps?
And.. im getting sooo excited for Christmas. Chad p and i were looking up plane tickets today to go to the inlaws and found some super cheap ones on Frontier Airlines. We also signed up for an Alaska Airlines card earlier in the month and hopefully our free air miles will process in time. 

If you did not know, modern warfare 3 came out the other day. Chad had a little photo shoot with my camera and wanted me to include them in the blog.... here is a picture of the little intro screen on our tv looking dramatic with the lights off. And then a picture of it on the dashboard.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'll be there when your last breaths taken away.

This is my 100th blog post. Yeah, its pretty exciting. Also the other day I had reached 2,222 views on my blog. And.. today is 11/11/11. if you were wondering....

I have a new big project. I've been wanting a table for some time but i guess when it comes to tables im rather picky. I really like going to DI and we go there pretty regularly to look at the furniture, paintings, and electronics ( but we hardly ever actually buy anything besides the paintings). But I found a table the other day for 15 dollars. Its black and has some scratches so i thought for that price it would be worth it to buy it and the spend a little money refinishing it. After looking up different ways to refinish furniture on the internet we decided it would be very exciting to wallpaper the table. We went to lowes and I found the perfect one,  we are waiting 2 weeks for it to be mailed to us. Now i don't have a picture of our wallpaper but here is a picture of the type of style it is. Ours is blue/silver and a different pattern, but heres to get an idea of what it kind of looks like. So the wallpaper will be just on the top and the sides and legs will be black.

Today Chad showed me this robot website he heard about on The robot site is On the site you can go through a make your own robot. From the shapes, colors, size, and designs. Its pretty fun. I tried it out and here is my robot.....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Its empty in the valley of your heart.

The results of my garlic chicken puffs.....

We didn't like them. The cream cheese just didn't taste right. We decided if we did it over again we would switch the cream cheese with real cheese, and the green onions with green peppers. Also, add less garlic powder. The part we did like about them, they looked pretty good. 

So i cut my hair. Here are some pictures. I think its alright. I miss my long hair though. 

Also. on the radio I heard a Selena Gomez song. Which all her other songs i haven't really liked but this one i very much enjoy. I've played it over and over too many times this past week. This music video is pretty lame. So don't pay too much attention to it.