Friday, November 11, 2011

I'll be there when your last breaths taken away.

This is my 100th blog post. Yeah, its pretty exciting. Also the other day I had reached 2,222 views on my blog. And.. today is 11/11/11. if you were wondering....

I have a new big project. I've been wanting a table for some time but i guess when it comes to tables im rather picky. I really like going to DI and we go there pretty regularly to look at the furniture, paintings, and electronics ( but we hardly ever actually buy anything besides the paintings). But I found a table the other day for 15 dollars. Its black and has some scratches so i thought for that price it would be worth it to buy it and the spend a little money refinishing it. After looking up different ways to refinish furniture on the internet we decided it would be very exciting to wallpaper the table. We went to lowes and I found the perfect one,  we are waiting 2 weeks for it to be mailed to us. Now i don't have a picture of our wallpaper but here is a picture of the type of style it is. Ours is blue/silver and a different pattern, but heres to get an idea of what it kind of looks like. So the wallpaper will be just on the top and the sides and legs will be black.

Today Chad showed me this robot website he heard about on The robot site is On the site you can go through a make your own robot. From the shapes, colors, size, and designs. Its pretty fun. I tried it out and here is my robot.....

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