Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i dont want to look at this destiny

Its been awhile.. 

We went to Alaska to visit my family. It was super. Lots of fun. Its too bad it wasn't very long. I didn't bring my camera so i don't have much to post. I do have a couple pictures from chads ipad that i posted on facebook. 

Lets see what else has happened.... I got new shoes. It was buy one get one half off. And i wanted to get new shoes that where not tennis shoes that were closed toe for work.

I also modge podged a little shoe book with those left over book pages i had to make a little cord box for a bunch of cords we had laying around connected to the internet modem stuff. So that looks a lot better now. I saw the idea on pinterest once and thought it was cool. 

And here is some stuff from chad and my book arts class we are taking together this semester. Its a really cool class. So far we have learned how to tear paper. The paper they get is from japan and it comes in really big sheets so you have to tear it using this little tool. Its actually harder then it sounds. haha. After we learned that we made a bunch of pages together which make something called a signature and now we are making them into pamphlets which is the pages sewed together with a cover. Here are two of chads...

  And yep thats about it. Oh... besides my birthday coming up on Saturday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And i was right there when it happened.

Happy Easter!!!
We had a super Easter, dying eggs, eating candy, and playing the egg Olympics. 

 And here is my egg Olympic line up. If you don't know what the egg Olympics is then thats ok. Its something chad's family made up. Its were each person takes turns setting up a "course" type thing. Like you have to throw the egg into a bowl with a blanket in it with pots all around so if you miss then your egg can break. If your egg breaks then you move onto your next egg until your all out, then you lose. You want to be the last one with an egg and you win. So anyways.. chad won. it was close though. We were both on our last egg (out of 4).

And here is darcy in her cat carrier we got. She likes to fall asleep in it. Can't wait for Alaska in a couple days!

And here is a little elephant thing i got at Ross for 5 dollars. It was going to go as a book end on our fireplace.. but i changed my mind. haha.

And here is a new project i did. I bought this frame at DI for 2 dollars. It was gold so i painted it with the left over desk paint. Then i had left over book pages from when i made that hollow book plant thing. I used them to modge podge onto the picture frame back then added a picture. I've looked every where for a place to post it but i either already have too many picture frames or the color doesn't match stuff. So for now its sitting on the table. I was thinking about taking the picture off and put hooks like a cute little key holder or something but we only have 1 set of keys and there would still have no where to put it.

Yep.. and thats about it lately. Looking forward to Alaska. I think im working 4 to Midnight for the next 2 days which is going to be tough.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another day.

So i painted my desk i bought a di. Its a bright color but i like it. Some day if i ever get the Ralph Lauren glaze i've talked about before i think i'll glaze it. Anyways, i have tons of pant left over. Only bought a quart and i'll be able to paint a billion more things with it. haha. 
I also made this over the weekend. I bought the tin container at di for 50 cents and went out and bought some fake flowers and that green foam stuff to push the flowers into. I really like it. It goes on my yellow side table i painted a while ago. 

Here is another before and after of the side table i bought from di which i never posted a final picture of. 

Im done with school on wednseday! Which is Tomorrow. 

Also i saw the hunger games i thought it was kind of disappointing. The way it was filmed all shaky and super zoomed in bothered me. And i felt like the charters weren't developed very well. Like if i hadn't read the book i would not have understood or cared for the characters very much? 

Anyways. Of to work soon. sadly. Then home to sleep then a final, exit interview, and a paper to do tomorrow.