Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another day.

So i painted my desk i bought a di. Its a bright color but i like it. Some day if i ever get the Ralph Lauren glaze i've talked about before i think i'll glaze it. Anyways, i have tons of pant left over. Only bought a quart and i'll be able to paint a billion more things with it. haha. 
I also made this over the weekend. I bought the tin container at di for 50 cents and went out and bought some fake flowers and that green foam stuff to push the flowers into. I really like it. It goes on my yellow side table i painted a while ago. 

Here is another before and after of the side table i bought from di which i never posted a final picture of. 

Im done with school on wednseday! Which is Tomorrow. 

Also i saw the hunger games i thought it was kind of disappointing. The way it was filmed all shaky and super zoomed in bothered me. And i felt like the charters weren't developed very well. Like if i hadn't read the book i would not have understood or cared for the characters very much? 

Anyways. Of to work soon. sadly. Then home to sleep then a final, exit interview, and a paper to do tomorrow.  


  1. love all your decorations and painted furniture! I have been wanting to repaint some of my stuff but have just not done it yet:). Where did you get the cool looking books?

  2. We got them at DI as well. haha. Except one is from a bookstore and i just look the paper cover off because i thought it looked better that way. :)