Sunday, September 9, 2012

How do i get to those.

So this weekend chad's mom, two sisters, and brother came down to Idaho. Kasey is starting school this semester and is living in the dorms. We all went down and helped her move in and chad and i showed her around campus and were her classes are and such. It was fun. Im missing school already. Not the home work or waking up early (although i wake up earlier now then i ever did during school) but going to class and learning and taking notes and stuff.

Chad's family left this morning but kasey is still at our house hanging out. We are going to drive her back to Rexburg later tonight. Tuesday we are already planning on going back to rexburg to go to the cheap theater and probably see kasey (and get some mail from our old apartment).

Besides that.... We got a new couch that i looove! I'll take a picture of it soon. And Percy Walter died, i wont take a picture of that soon. He was probably sick before we got him......

And here are two pictures from when Kasey was moving into her dorm.