Thursday, December 14, 2017

Good tidings we bring.

I decided not to do Christmas cards this year, mostly because I didn't feel like it. haha. But I did want to get a couple cute pictures of these two. I had to bribe Oliver and tell him he could watch his videos if he let me take a few pictures. And he gave me a limited time so I had to hurry so they aren't quite the quality I would like but they are cute so that makes up for it?! Merry Christmas!

Let it snow Let it snow

Lately Olivers enjoyed making his own orange juice. He also finally got snow gear and looves going out with me to play. I will plan it so we go out when Charlie is taking one of her naps and then I have the video monitor connected to my phone so we can go out and play just the two of us. I've actually started enjoying going out in the snow too! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Its a hard knock life.

Charlie is 8 weeks, or two months. I guess technically not actually 2 months if your going by the real months but by week count yes...? 4 more days if you guy by that counting. Which way are you suppose to do it by? Anyways I was actually able to get some pictures of her today as she happily laid on the bed and smiled at me. She smiles a ton and its adorable. She has started cooing a little too when I talk to her which is fun. We will be headed to her next doctors appointment next week to see how much she's grown but just holding her she feels like she's growing so quickly! 

So here are some pictures.. they are basically all the same picture with a different smile which I try not to do but this is seriously like the first time she let me just hang out not holding her so its all I have! 

Also I have not forgotten about Olivers 3 year old photos. Which I really need to do some time, although now its pretty ugly and brown outside i'm not sure where to do it. But it will happen. :)

Look what you made me do.

I've had a hard time playing with Oliver since Charlie's been around and so I've been trying to do little activities with him every once in awhile that are focused more on him. During Halloween we made a chocolate house and foam house that we got at Micheals and Oliver really enjoyed it so I thought I'd do something with the left over white chocolate I had in the cupboard. We decorated pretzels and he had us change part of the chocolate orange, which turned out more pinkish, and then we put them in little snack bags for him to eat later. He's started to really like opening the fridge himself and look for snacks. It's cute. So we put them in there. 

Spiders in your hair.

Here's a late Halloween post.

I tired to go all out with Halloween themed food and made pumpkin shaped pancakes colored orange with green stems, spider pbjs with witch broom sticks and oranges with pumpkin faces, and then classic mummy hotdogs for dinner.

We went trick or treating at Mall of America. Oliver enjoyed it and I enjoyed it being warm, but candy was pretty slim as there were tons and tons of kids there. Oliver dressed up as a Knight which he bought from the dollar store. He had wanted to be a hamster but we couldn't find anything and I should have been a better mom and put something together earlier but I kept thinking he would change his mind and not want to be a hamster.. but he never did. But it did like the idea of a bad guy knight. So thats what he ended up being.

And then the last two pictures is from Oliver and I carving our cat pumpkin. I let him poke it and do whatever with the knife and he seemed to enjoy that.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

You're a beautiful thing.

Here is a little video I put together of Charlie.

After I bought my new camera I knew I really wanted to put together some videos and so this was my first attempt. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but I found out very quickly manual focus is choppy and its really hard to keep things smooth! I'll have to do some more videos  in the future. :) :)


Friday, September 22, 2017


Charlie is here! She was born on the 12th at 1:45pm and she is super adorable. 

A little about her birth.

I had a scheduled C-Section this time which felt kind of nice knowing exactly when she was coming and when to have my bag packed and Chad's mom here to watch Oliver and everything. I felt like the actual C-Section wasn't going to be too bad since last time with Oliver it was actually relieving once we finally got to the point where we went ahead and had a C-Section. But, this time I felt much more aware and I got a little panicky in the operating room. Everyone at the Hospital was super super nice though and went way out of their way to make me feel better/comfortable. 

Everything went smoothly and I got to meet Charlie, they then brought her out to Chad to hold while they sewed me backup. We were all reunited together in our room where we stayed for the next 3 days before heading home. 

I still have a hard time believing we have two kids! It's been great having chad at home and I'm going to be super sad once he has to go back to work next week. Charlie is a very easy baby, just sleeps and eats. I actually find the hardest part of having a new baby is taking care of Oliver. Its tough and sad for him to not have me ready and able to play at any moment and its been a tough adjustment. I brought him with me and left Charlie with Chad when I went to my 1 week incision appointment and we went out to buy crayons and coloring books together afterwards which was really nice to hangout together again. 

Anyways... Here are some Hospital photos!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I hope you find your peace

So Oliver and Chad both had a little birthday and i never posted about them... im bad... I also barely took any photos with my camera of Olivers birthday and none of Chads....

so here are a few cute photos of Oliver washing his cars at the car wash station i set up for him. He's cute.  And then two photos from his birthday. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

You and me we made a vow.

The weather has weirdly cooled down a lot this past week and it's that perfect kind of weather where you actually want to be outside and do things because you're not dying of heat. So I made Chad go to Fort Snelling with me. Oliver fell asleep before we got there so we sat in the car and ate Taco Bell for a little before waking him. After waking him up he was pretty much grumpy the rest of the day :( he also felt betrayed when the "park" we went to didn't have anything to play on. Although he loves playing with the sticks and water he just forgets sometimes.

I have also been attempting to use the video on my camera, something I'm super excited about because i've never had it on a DSLR before! This is my first little attempt, its super shaky and I was manually focusing so.. you know. Anyways I'm looking forward to getting better.