Sunday, June 25, 2017

You and me we made a vow.

The weather has weirdly cooled down a lot this past week and it's that perfect kind of weather where you actually want to be outside and do things because you're not dying of heat. So I made Chad go to Fort Snelling with me. Oliver fell asleep before we got there so we sat in the car and ate Taco Bell for a little before waking him. After waking him up he was pretty much grumpy the rest of the day :( he also felt betrayed when the "park" we went to didn't have anything to play on. Although he loves playing with the sticks and water he just forgets sometimes.

I have also been attempting to use the video on my camera, something I'm super excited about because i've never had it on a DSLR before! This is my first little attempt, its super shaky and I was manually focusing so.. you know. Anyways I'm looking forward to getting better.

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