Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybe its about a perfect place to let go and forget about the hate

Tonight chad parr and went to the mall and sat in Barnes & Noble to read magazines. I read home ones and he read car ones. We shared a strawberry milkshake.

I also made banana bread yesterday and attempted a potato recipe today. It turned out awful. Next time i'm thinking i'll cook it in the crock pot, completely cover the potatoes in chicken broth and then mash them once they are cooked. yeah.

I've been very antsy lately. I want to start an new project. I was thinking about redoing the look of my blog.. but i really like the look of it.. haha. I wouldn't mind painting something that i'll just resell on craigslist but i don't have money to invest into something right now (and i don't have a large car which is becoming more apparently important with furniture buying). I also wouldn't mind going and taking pictures but its so dang could out and im a wimp. So thats my life right now trying to decided on what to start : )

I was trying to take a cutesy picture with kitty today and this is what i got... shes a big grump.

Darcy discovered that heat comes out of the heaters last month and she'll wait right next to a vent until it comes on. Adorable.

I've also announced to chad that i am going to get jenica sparks the lady who took our engagement pictures to take some more pictures of us for fun before we move away in August.